How To: Create The Perfect Guest Bedroom

Whether you’re hosting low-key get togethers or splendid dinner parties, you’ll inevitably have a few people wanting to stay at your house – and there’s nothing better than getting to spend real quality time with your friends or relatives by hosting them. If you’re lucky enough to have a guest bedroom, optimize it and make your guests feel like VIPs! They’ll feel welcome or comfortable with our top tips.

Or, if you don’t have a dedicated bedroom for guests, these tips can be helpful in any situation – where it’s a sofabed in the living room or a mattress on the floor! A few creature comforts will go a long in creating that gorgeous ‘home away from home’ feeling for your family and friends.

Clean Bedding

dark bedroom with grey and burgundy bedding

We all know how great it feels jumping into bed with freshly laundered linen, so why deprive your guests of this treat? Try to ensure you always have fresh bedding available even when an overnight stay is unexpected. A few fluffy pillows, a nice sheet and additional blanket is all that you’ll need to ensure a good night’s sleep – but to really treat your guests, why not go the extra mile? Make them feel right at home with high quality bedding kept aside especially for your guests. Bedding with a high thread count will only get softer with every wash – or, if you’re in a colder climate, use flannel bledding which feels cozy and warm on the skin.

Freshly washed towels are also a must – preferably a full towel, face towel and hand towel for each guest. Stuck for color choices? White towels are a no-brainer if you’re ever in doubt – they’ll always look clean fresh. Fold them neatly at the foot of your guests’ bed to make them feel special on arrival.

Storage Space

guest bedroom in white and pink

Living out of a suitcase is never ideal, even if it’s only for a few nights. Clear out a small area in an armoire, or use an empty hanging rail to allow your guests to hang up their clothes. If it’s easier, perhaps clear out a drawer from your dresser so they have a place to keep their things. Just remember to let your guests know it’s available for use!

As an additional touch, it’s a good idea to place a small bowl or tray on the nightstand for your guests to place their watches or any jewellery they take off at night. That way you won’t be returning it to them several months later when you’ve found it down the side of the bed!


dark bedroom with gold accents

Leaving clean glasses alongside a jug of water in their room is a lovely welcoming touch – just remember to change the water each night they stay. To go the extra mile, you could even leave a few snacks out – freshly baked cookies will never be left for long!

Another lovely touch is to leave a small, inexpensive bouquet of fresh flowers on the nightstand in a small vase. No matter the size, fresh blooms always add life and light to any room, as well as creating a welcoming ambience. Just remember the swap the flowers once they start to wilt if your guests are staying for a while.



It’s the little things that will make their stay easier. Remember to ensure that you’ve placed a lamp on the nightstand, so that your guests can easily use it to read a book before bed time without having to pad across a cold floor to switch out the light! If possible, try and ensure there’s a plug socket near the bed so that they’re able to charge their phones or laptops over night. And don’t forget to share your WiFi password – perhaps leave it on a little note beside the bed.

Anticipate What They Forgot

bedside table styling

We all know the feeling of having forgotten your essential bits and pieces, so save your guests the embarrassment of having to ask by leaving a small basket of toiletries in their room. Small soaps, hair washes or toothbrushes are all things easily left behind when packing!

It’s also nice to leave a selection of magazines or books that your guests might like in the room too. If they’ll be staying with you for a while, why not include a map of the area and highlight some restaurants they might like to visit or sites they might like to see? These little things will have them over the moon with their stay, and already looking forward to next time!


How do you prepare for guests in your home? We’d love to hear all about it! And remember, if you’re looking for furniture items to kit out your guest bedroom, we’ve got a whole selection available at excellent prices on our website, with free shipping. Just click here!


Image Credits: Adore Magazine / Photography: Hannah Blackmore / Styling + Interior Design: Little Liberty , My Domaine / Photo Patrick Cline / Design danielle colding design, inc., Lonny / Blue Carreon, Emily Henderson / Photography by Tessa Neustadt, SS Life and Style

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