Palm Springs Style

Palm Springs Style Bar Cart

Towering palm trees, clear skies, glistening sand and bold pops of color – there’s little not to love about Palm Springs. A mecca of mid-century style with a touch of Hollywood Regency, the area became synonymous with glamour and decadence in the 60s and was iconised by photographer Slim Aarons. […]

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Interior Design Inspired by Food


We hear that inspiration for our homes is everywhere. Speak to any designer or interior addict and ask where they get their inspiration: most will respond with a common muse. Those areas where inspiration is rife – nature, travel, other homes, restaurants, hotels and the like – provide endless inspiration to […]

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6 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Living Room

alto nesting tables and console table

Your living room is often the hub of activity in the home. From entertaining guests during the holiday season to unwinding in the evening with the family; your living room has to wear a lot of hats so can often present a challenge when it comes to design and layout. […]

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The New Scandi Trend: How to Live Lagom

aegean dining setting with french farmhouse dining set

You’ve heard of Hygge, but now it’s time to meet the next Scandinavian lifestyle trend, Lagom! Unlike ‘hygge’ which is the mood of feeling cozy, charming and special, Lagom (which originates from the Swedish phrase “Lagom är bäst”) is the idea of having just the right amount in order to […]

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How to Decorate With Summer Whites

urban style workspace

With the heat of the summer sun upon us, the crisp cool look of white and pale colors are back in vogue once again. Decorating using only the lightest of shades may feel challenging – how do you create an interesting interior that doesn’t look too flat or lifeless? Source: […]

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Small Home Tweaks: Maximum Style, Minimal Budget


We’ve all been there before: staring at the same tired walls every day, looking around your furniture and decor, wishing you can snap your fingers and a brand new room appears before you. While makeover television shows would have you believe you could only fall in love with your home […]

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Bedroom Design Ideas For Couples

french farmhouse bedroom furniture

Relationships are all about compromise; from what to see at the movies to who’ll be doing the drive to the in-laws. But it’s not just everyday decisions that you’ll have to make sacrifices for – this extends to the look that you’ll decorate your home with, including your most intimate […]

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How to Create the Perfect Vanity Table

Mantis Light Dressing Table

While the vanity is one of the more traditional home pieces, it can also be one of the most versatile additions to the modern home. Whether you’re looking for a streamlined make-up station to practice the latest looks from YouTube, or a sleek multifunctional desk for the bedroom or other […]

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