Wellbeing Inspired Home Decor

Your home should be your ultimate escape, the place where you return to to feel refreshed and rejuvenated at the end of a long day. Plus, having a home that makes you feel good is right up there with going to the gym and drinking enough water in terms of boosting your health and wellbeing! A happy home is healthy home after all.

Black circle mirror on brick wall above bed

If you’re looking for ways to bring a little more wellness into your home decor, we’ve gathered up our favorite decor tips and tricks to add a touch of natural-inspired tranquility to any room, and help to make a home that keeps stress levels at a minimum.

Natural textures

Kemble painted drawer next to bed

Kemble painted dresser & French Farmhouse Bed

When you’re looking to add some wellness-inspired looks into your space, the best place to start is right outside your door. Incorporating natural materials and textures is a great way to add a calming feeling into a room.

In the living room, think woven sisal and jute rugs, fresh floral bouquets, and wooden accents. The warm tones of our rustic oak collections, for example are perfect ways to add a subtle natural feeling into a space. In the bedroom, wool rugs and cozy knit or crochet throws are perfect for bringing in a touch of nature. Why not check out local artisans to your town to see if you can find any nature-inspired accessories with a personal twist!

Touches of Sage

Cranbrook living room range

Cranbrook Display Cabinet, Cranbrook Coffee Table, Cranbrook Console Table, Cranbrook TV Stand and Cranbrook Nesting Tables

The trend for sage home decor is really surging at the moment, and it’s no wonder. Green is known to bring a calming influence to a room, making it perfect for restorative rooms, like the bathroom or bedroom. But if you find yourself passing most of your time in the living room, why not consider adding touches of this rejuvenating color here, too? Sage is a beautiful neutral backdrop to wooden floors, and it works well with some of our most popular painted furniture styles too! If you’re not sure about going all-in on a sage painted wall at the minute, why not bring in some cotton throws for the summer months in this statement sade, or update your bedroom linens to bring this peaceful shade into your home.

Greenery of all kinds

Mantis Display Unit covered in plants
Mantis Light Display Unit

We can’t help but swoon when we see a perfect display of houseplants on a windowsill, or see a beautiful fiddle leaf fig incorporated perfectly into a room design. Plants are the ideal way to bring the spirit of wellness into a room. Not only do they add to the natural and peaceful feeling in a room, plants also help to purify the air and help to dampen street noise, both of which can make your home feel happier and healthier.

Emily Henderson styling the canterbury lamp table

Country Cottage BedCanterbury Lamp Table

Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry! There are lots of ways to bring a touch of plant-life into your home without any plants being harmed in the meantime. There are lots of beautiful botanical print wallpapers on the market at the moment that can bring that floral accent in. And artificial flowers have some a long way – there are so many beautiful silk and greenery-inspired versions available, so you can create the perfect look for every room, without the stress of maintenance, definitely something to boost your happiness at home!


close up photograph of scented candle

If you’ve already designed a home you love, but are looking for a simple way to enhance the feeling of wellbeing, there’s not better than than to embrace a little bit of aromatherapy. Scent is strongly linked to memory, so try looking for a scented pillar candle that reminds you of a happy time – such as freshly baked cookies, or your wedding bouquet. In the bedroom, lavender and geranium scents are known to promote good rest, so try bringing in an essential oil diffuser or a reed sticks display (bonus points for the natural materials used) to bring these notes to a space.

Your home should be a happy and healthy space for you and your family – and if your decor can help to bring that wellbeing to life, that’s a real bonus point.

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