Blue Bedroom Ideas| How To Style Your Bedroom With Blue

As one of the most intimate spaces in your home, it’s important to create a tranquil atmosphere for your bedroom. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to use soft and soothing colors – and often the first color that comes to mind is blue.

Blue is a very versatile shade and can be the perfect choice for either your main wall color or for simply highlighting a neutral palette with some well-chosen accessories.

Bevel bedroom range

Bevel Bed, Bevel Nightstand & Bevel Armoire

Whatever your style, there’s a blue to suit your bedroom. This post offers practical tips to incorporate this coolest of colors into your home.


Sophisticated Traditional

classic bedroom range

Classic Bed, Classic Dresser & Classic Chest

If you’re a bit more traditional, a touch of blue is a comforting addition to a sophisticated overall look. Don’t be afraid to layer some bolder shades for smaller accessories – even the punchier blues can add extra space to rooms with a neutral base. Keep the walls, floors and bedding neutral and add layers of tone with sensuous soft furnishings like a sumptuous rug or velvet scatter cushions.


Coastal Vibes

For that vacation vibe all year round, go for a natural wood palette complemented with soft sky blues and cool gray accents throughout. Accessorize with some treasures you picked up from the beach or some simple, chic ornaments in clear blue glass. Minimalistic ceramics with clean, graceful lines also work well to keep your coastal theme fresh, airy and bright. Now, where did I put my margarita…

Kemble bedroom range

Kemble Bed, Kemble Nightstand & Kemble Dresser

Contemporary Calm

Canterbury bedroom range

Canterbury Bed, Canterbury Armoire & Canterbury Nightstand

If you love the contemporary look, go for pattern-free pieces from the blue-gray end of the spectrum. This will create a calming base in which you include some subtle contrasting elements to add interest, without overwhelming the senses. Use a color wheel as a guide to finding your perfect scheme.


Tonal Team

Romsey bedroom range

Tokyo Bed, Tokyo Nightstand & Tokyo Dresser

Using blue doesn’t mean having to stick with all the same shade throughout your scheme. Why not try layering a number of shades in your bedroom – from navy to teal, sky blue to aqua – to create a layered tonal look in perfect harmony.

Perfect Pairings

St. Ives bed

St Ives Bed & St Ives Nightstand

Gray has been the neutral tone of choice for interiors for forever, and it’s easy to see why. Matched with soft blues it creates a soothing sanctuary in your home. Our popular gray painted St Ives collection pairs beautifully with soft denim blues and natural and rustic wood accents bring warmth to your bedroom.


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