How To Style A Coffee Table

A coffee table is one of those things that you think you can go without – until you don’t have one. It’s actually really annoying taking a cup of coffee to your couch with nowhere to put it, and how many times have you lost your TV controller down the side of the chair because you had no coffee table to keep them safe?

But they’re not just practical. Coffee tables also make a wonderfully stylish addition to your living space, tying the decor together beautifully. A good coffee table makes a statement in its own right, but it also lets you personalize it in a way which expresses your unique style.

Read on to find out how we like to style our coffee table collection – and if you’d like to win a piece of your own, remember to read all the way through!


The first thing to do is decide on the kind of coffee table that’s right for you and your living space. Ultimately it all comes down to preference, but make sure you consider these keys things:

  • How big do you need it to be? Look at the layout of your current living space and make sure you don’t end up buying a piece that will overpower the room.
  • Do you prefer in-drawer storage or would you like everything on display? You might want to keep books, TV controllers and anything else stored out of sight or you might prefer the more traditional look.
  • Which wood type will work best in your home? If the rest of your furniture is dark wood, a light wood piece will look out of place! We’ve got a few varnish options available here.
  • How long will it last? Coffee tables are subject to lots of wear and tear, so make sure you invest in a piece that can withstand drink stains, scuffing from feet and heavy books upon it. Remember – buy cheap = buy twice.

Still not sure what you’re looking for? The best thing to do is check out your options.

Light & Bright


If you pride yourself on a sunny home, and you just love filling it with as much lightness and brightness as possible, our Alto Natural Solid Oak coffee table is perfect. The light color of natural oak will reflect natural light beautifully, and the empty space in the middle of the piece stops it from looking bulky or obtrusive. Which lets you have more fun with the styling!

The nice thing about this minimalist style is that you’re left free to go in any direction you’d like in terms of decor. Flowers, of course, are a natural companion to the humble coffee table, and are the perfect spring time accessory – but with this kind of design, anything goes! We love the addition of baskets rather than boxes in the space between; it’s a slightly alternative touch which adds a touch of whimsy to the room.

The key with this look is to keep things consistent. Choose a color scheme and stick to it, but we’d definitely recommend light and bright colors which will complement the wood.

Classy & Sophisticated

BRT029_SQ_57 (2)

There’s just something about dark wood furniture, isn’t there? No matter what kind of home it’s in, dark furniture immediately lends a touch of old-world elegance the home. Our Victoria Coffee Table or Manor House Coffee Table are great examples of pieces which will give your home the classic touch, immediately.

Of course, dark wood furniture demands similarly grown up companions – so this isn’t the place for children’s toys or bunches of daisies! Colored glass looks gorgeous on dark wood, so leave a vase empty on its surface as we’ve done with our Manor House table, above. Books are also a great thing to include on your dark wood piece – again conjuring up ideas of old manor houses with grand dining rooms and large dusty libraries.

Opt for coffee table books which will emphasize the grown up and sophisticated feel, such as large art tomes or glossy fashion books. Don’t just buy these books for the sake of it though – this is your home, after all! Make sure you invest in items that you’ll actually be interested in, and which you’ll enjoy flicking through on lazy Sunday afternoons.

Simple Styling

PRR018_64 1 (1)

A quick trick to a perfectly styled coffee table and a beautifully consistent decor is to invest in a painted coffee table. This gives you a particularly easy option for styling: use accessories that are in the same color palette!

Our Kemble coffee table has lovely natural wood top, with painted wood forming the base and legs in a delicate cream color. As you can see, we’ve topped this piece with accessories that complement that cream tone – not identical colors, but very close. This creates a coherent color palette that’s pleasing to the eye but doesn’t look too formulaic or – even worse – boring!

For a little pop of color, a small flower in a matching-colored vase is a wonderful delicate addition.

Color Lovers

Optimized-TAG_028_63 (3)

Most people paint their living spaces in neutral tones so that any kind of furniture will suit – but not you, and we love that! You’re all about bold and beautiful colors that make you smile whenever you set foot in your living room. Homes should be where we’re happiest so if color makes you happy we’d encourage you to do break out the bright paints – but just bear it in mind when styling your furniture.

If you’ve gone for a bold and bright statement color in your space, opt for furniture that will speak for itself without trying to compete. Our Original Rustic Coffee Table is perfect for that; a natural toned wood in a sleek and sturdy design. You’ll struggle to find a space that won’t be complemented by this addition.

Keep your decor consistent by choosing accessories in the same palette as your chosen color. Whether they’re books, vases or anything else you can think of, keeping color in mind as you style will give your living space a cohesive look.

Win Your Own!


Have you decided which coffee table style is perfect for your home? Great – well now you can win it! We’re giving away a coffee table of your choice to ONE lucky winner!

How To Enter…

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  2. Leave a comment on this post to tell us you’ve entered.
  3. You’ve got until April 16th to enter, so don’t delay!

Terms & Conditions

  • Prizes are subject to availability – you will be contacted to discuss an alternative if anything is out of stock.
  • If you win you will be contacted to request delivery details.
  • Upon entering, you give Oak Furniture Land the right to use your name and or the sole purpose of identifying you as a winner of the competition on our blog and other social media sites.
  • If you choose to submit photos as part of your entry you give Oak Furniture Land the right to use these photos for marketing purposes (in blog posts or on social media).
  • Your details may be stored for marketing purposes.
  • We will only ship to the states specified here.
  • The competition closes 11:59PM 04/16/2017.
  • Our usual terms and conditions will not apply.
  • The result is final and no discussion will be entered into with regards to the outcome.
  • Entrants must be over 18 years of age.
  • Entrants may not be employees of Oak Furniture Land, their family members or anyone else connected in any way with the competition.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • No cash alternative offered.
  • The prize is not transferable and is subject to availability.


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