Speed Decorating: Our Favorite Fast Home Tweaks

We get it. Sometimes, you just need a fresh start quickly, and when it comes to your home, there’s nothing wrong with a little instant gratification. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite fast home updates, so you can give your space a little pick-me-up, no matter what your time constraints are!


If you have… 20 minutes


If you’re looking to add a touch of individuality to your space, one of our favorite speed decorating tips is to give your trusted furniture pieces a little twist by swapping out their default hardware. Why not try adding a bit of earthly elegance with some crystal drawer pulls? Or try your hand at DIY with some leather drawer pulls – they look great against the warm tone of our natural solid oak furniture! This is a great speedy home project – it can totally transform the look of the room, plus, you can always keep your original hardware if you want to change things back at another time.


If you have… 1 hour


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Beat design fatigue with this quick – and practically free – home decorating challenge. Try swapping out all the soft furnishings in your room to create a totally fresh look! Start with a blank slate; remove all the pillows and throws, and shuffle them out for a new style. Want to add a bit more color? Swap out neutral cushions for ones that match the tones of any statement art in your room. And don’t forget, our storage chests are ideal for storing your extra pillows out of sight. This is a fantastic fast job, we like to do it at the start of every season to prevent room-boredom.


If you have… 1 day


Bella bedroom range

Bella Armoire, Bella Bed & Bella Nightstand

This slightly lengthier home task has a big impact – in more ways than you think! If you have a day, why not take the time to organize your armoire or closet? Sort through the clothes you wear, those you love and consider which ones you might be better off without. Creating some room in your closet can help to create some extra space in your bedroom that you didn’t know you had. Don’t forget – most of our armoires have a handy drawer on the bottom to add some extra secret storage, too.


If you have… a weekend


Roomset at ideal home show


Color is one of the most powerful tools you have in transforming the look of a room, so if you have a weekend to spare, why not introduce a new one into your home? Statement wallpaper is a trendy way to bring a new tone and pattern to any room – we’re loving bold dark botanicals at the moment for their moody boho glam vibes. If wallpaper isn’t for you though, a bold statement paint treatment could be just the trick. This living room is transformed with two-toned walls in warm neutrals, which pick up on the tones of a room.

Do you have any favorite fast tasks to give your home a quick refresh? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter today. And don’t forget to share your home transformation photos with us on #OakFurnitureLand!

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