Space Saving Christmas Tree Alternatives

While we may all love the idea of a towering tree where the entire extended family gathers and you need a ladder to place the star on top, the reality for many of us is that we simply don’t have that extra space available to us. You may be living in a city where space is at a premium, have recently downsized to a more bijou property or perhaps you are wondering if a tree is actually a safe option with children or pets. There are many reasons you may be shying away from putting up a tree but luckily, you don’t have to be completely without one this year.

In fact, there are lots of different ways to create an alternative Christmas tree with some creative ideas that mean you aren’t missing out on this tradition. Here are some of our favorite ways to get the Christmas tree ‘look’ without having to give up precious space or worry about finding needles in your rug come February!

The Chalk Board Christmas Tree

Hunted Interior - Chalkboard Christmas Tree

If you already have a chalkboard wall in your home, then simply drawing your tree in chalk is a simple way to bring some festive cheer into your home. “Decorate” the tree with string lights and tuck some light weight ornaments in between the lights or secure with washi tape for a simple no-fuss but highly effective tree alternative.

The Paper Christmas Tree


This lovely wall tree is simple to make (you can check out the instructions on Curbly) and simply uses tissue paper and foam core to create a tree that takes up virtually no space. It also doubles as a fantastic photo backdrop and of course, you can change up the color of the paper to suit your style. Genius, right?

The PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

PVC Pipe Christmas Tree

Our next alternative Christmas tree is a clever DIY from our favourite homemaker, Martha Stewart. All the supplies can be found at your local home store including PVC pipe, a hacksaw and epoxy glue. At less than 6″ in depth, it’s perfect for either hanging or leaning on a wall to take up very little space but create a wonderful conversation piece for the contemporary home.

The Plywood Christmas Tree

plywood Christmas Tree Forever Love

If you love Scandinavian style, this plywood Christmas tree could be the perfect fit for a simple, minimalist design. Cut out of plywood and strung with lights, this is not only inexpensive but also looks beautiful in its simplicity. Simply lean against the wall and cover with a string of lights for a festive Scandi-inspired Christmas.

The Rope Ladder Christmas Tree


For a simple rustic Christmas tree that takes up very little precious room, consider a rope ladder tree which uses thick wooden branches cut at varying lengths to give you a warm and festive Christmas look. Once the holidays are finished, it packs up neatly for storage, ready to be hung for the following year.

The String Light Christmas Tree

string light christmas tree

Who knew a simple set of colorful string lights could easily turn into a tree with a few strategically placed clear wall hooks? Not only do you not need to consider any further embellishments, it acts as its own light source, perfect for giving your space a festive glow come evening.

The Branch Christmas Tree


And finally, another variation on the rope ladder, this alternative Christmas tree uses fallen dried branches individually secured to the wall and draped with string lights and small ornaments for a perfect minimalist vibe. You can make this as small or as large as you see fit and it can be squeezed into virtually any size space. Pile the presents underneath for instant holiday cheer.

How will you be decorating for Christmas this year? Will you be using an alternative tree? Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for all the latest home decor styling tips!

Image Credits: The Hunted Interior, Curbly, Martha Stewart, Forever Love, Not on the High Street, Bell and Pistol, Bettina Holst

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