Royal Inspired Interior Design

Whether it’s a spot of afternoon tea or a pint in a pub, we’ve all dreamt of living the British life – not to mention the countless daydreams on what it would be like to be a member of the Royal Family! And with Royal Baby No. 3 on the way, it’s all we’ve been thinking about here at Oak Furniture Land. So what better way is there to indulge our regal fantasies than taking a closer look at royal-inspired decor?

From princess-worthy palettes to home accents perfect for a palace, here’s how to make your home fit for HRH (that’s you).

Vintage rugs

manor house collection for living room

Oak Furniture Land Manor House Collection

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘luxury?’ For us, it doesn’t get grander than a large statement rug, and it’s hard to imagine a palace without them.

Match the tone of your rug with natural grain wood accents or floors to take a leaf out of the Royals’ book. In the photo above we’ve got a sage green rug paired with antique-style furniture as our homage to the newly renovated Apartment 8 in Kensington Palace. Princess Diana’s old room has been updated with a beautiful deep red patterned rug to go alongside dark and rich stained furniture.

It’s all in the accessories

grand manor house dining room furniture

Oak Furniture Land Manor House Vintage Solid Oak 6ft x 3ft 3″ Extending Dining Table + 6 Manor House Fabric Chairs

There are certain rooms that just ooze extravagance, and often it can all come down to the accessories. No royal chamber can be complete without esteemed artwork worthy of being in a gallery, but this doesn’t mean they have to be super-expensive. Just head down to your local thrift store and keep an eye out for any traditional paintings or prints with some ornate frames to match.

The classic look of candlesticks placed on large dining tables means you won’t have to pay royal prices to get the royal look! You can also add some history to your interiors by accessorizing with antique ornaments and old books.

With an ancestral tree as esteemed as the Windsors, you just know there will be some seriously good hand-me-downs – but if you don’t have any family heirlooms to hand, you can easily pick up some vintage pieces that will create the effect without the royal parentage!

The royal colors

manor house grand bedroom style furniture

Oak Furniture Land Manor House Collection

Certain colors have been considered aristocratic for hundreds of years, so for an easy royal transformation why not try a feature wall of royal blue or purple?

The association of purple and royalty comes from the fact that creating the dye was so expensive, it could only be worn by the richest in society. In fact, during King Henry VIII’s reign, a law was passed that decreed only the Royal Family were allowed to wear purple! Even now, Queen Elizabeth often sports fabulous purple outfits.

Royal blue is another shade that looks beautiful in any room you choose, so it’s a perfect way to take inspiration from your favorite Brits. Our beloved princess Kate Middleton is often seen out and about in this color – and even her famous engagement ring is a royal blue sapphire!

Modern florals

floral bedroom feature wall with shay collection

Oak Furniture Land Shay Collection

The neutral palette and florals used in this bedroom are fit for a queen! We already know that Will and Kate themselves are fond of florals – so if it’s good enough for Kensington Palace, it’s good enough for us! The muted, neutral colorings are said to be favorites of Kate in her redecorating efforts of Kensington Palace. Who can blame her when they create this chic but softly feminine look?

The combination of the feature wall alongside layers of texture in the soft furnishings creates a sophisticated yet modern style, perfect for a present-day princess! With a bedroom like this, you’ll be waking up each day ready to take on the day’s royal engagements (err… shopping).

Ready to revamp your home just like the royals? Don’t forget to send us in your photos of your very own palace on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – we’d love to see what splendors you’ve recreated!

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