Red White and Blue Interior Inspiration for July 4th

Seeing as it’s so close to Independence Day, we thought we’d get the celebrations started early with some gorgeous interior design inspiration. While you may think that red, white and blue decor should only be considered for 4th of July, there are ways to make it work beautifully in your home every day of the year.

The trick – as our examples today will show – is playing with percentages as well as the strength and saturation of the colors you use. Creating a beautiful room using primary colors is not always easy but there are ways to make this most joyous of bold combos work for you.

Go Regal

Period Living Red White and Blue Living Room
Period Living / Photo: Grant Scott

This beautiful period property has been given a regal look with the use of royal blue walls and deep berry accents. With older properties, consider using deeper jewel tones to add a touch of elegance to your rooms and tie it all together with a vintage rug, velvet furniture and warm gold accents.

Playful Brights

Better Homes and Gardens Red furniture blue walls
Better Homes & Gardens

For a more contemporary take on a red white and blue scheme, we can see the saturation of the blue here is a little lighter, allowing the bold cherry red of the coffee table, cushions and side table to take centre stage. For this look, consider using the same saturation of red throughout your accents and use it liberally against a lighter saturation of blue on your walls. Again, we see the same accent of gold which provides the perfect combination of warm and cool throughout.

Art Accents

dark blue walls with black and white rug and red accents artwork
House & Garden / Ngoc Mihn Ngo

If you like your spaces to make a statement, than consider this cunning way of creating the wow-factor. The deep blue walls play off the curved lines of a contemporary sofa and the bold monochrome rug sets off the space. But it’s the small accents of warm red in the artwork where the room really comes into its own. The percentage of red used here is small but packs enough punch to give the room bold personality.

Contrast Walls

Little Green Paint Company Aqua and Red
Little Green Paint Company

If you love a feature wall, you’ll love our example above. Here a bold cherry red contrasts against a pale blue for a bold take on colour combinations. Again, this look – as bold as it is – really does work simply because the red is deeply saturated and the blue is pale and airy. This creates a balance between the two. If the blue were the same saturation and brightness, the colours would fight against one another. By simply desaturating one and playing up the other, you have the perfect contrast.

Boho Brights

Boho Bedroom in Red White and Blue
House and Garden / Paul Massey

For a boho vibe, consider the example above which uses punchy bohemian style prints to bring this red, white and blue pallette to life. The suzani headboard fabric is the star of the show, utilising a combination of colours including bold zingy red, pale blue and grey and touches of yellow to create the base. Other colours are picked up in the wall art, bedspread, lamp shade and nightstand to tie it all beautifully together.

Dark and Moody

The Nesting Room Bedroom Red White Blue
The Nesting Game

And finally, if you love the latest trend for dark and moody interiors than consider the example above which uses the darkest indigo combined with a bold lipstick red for a moody and romantic look perfect for a bedroom. Art and accessories balance the look and create a pulled together theme that’s anything but ordinary.

Is red, white and blue a colour combination that you’d use in your home? Which way is your favourite? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!



Image Credits: The Nesting Game, Period Living, Better Homes & Gardens, House & Garden, Little Green Paint Company, House and Garden

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