Porch Inspiration for Christmas

It’s December and as such, it’s time to start decorating for Christmas! If you’re considering pulling out that same string of lights and the old wreath that you put up year after year, perhaps it’s time to start shaking things up a little on your front porch. What better way to greet your friends and family for Christmas than with a beautiful and welcoming display?  Today, I’m sharing 9 different ways you can make that first impression extra jolly with a few seasonal touches.

A Trio of Wreaths


If one wreath is good, then three is definitely better. This beautiful display uses the rule of threes in design (everything looks better to the eyes in groups of three!) to create a stunning door display. Complete the look with outdoor lighting and festive pines flanking each side of the door for all eyes on your home this Christmas.

Repurpose and Add Height


Create height on your porch by utilising a rustic step ladder decorated with festive charm by using each step as a small display area. Wrap a garland to give it some greenery and a glowing star to finish it off.

All Weather Snowflakes

all weather snowflakes

If you thought paper snowflakes were for indoors only, think again. These festive decorations are easy to make with all-weather paper. Hung from threads in bunches from the top of your porch create a snowy scene even in warmer weather!

Seeing Double


Creating a festive look can be as easy as using some mini pine trees in buckets on either side of your door. Finish off the look as they’ve done here with a few branches of pine and a plaid scarf to welcome the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas porch

Use Christmas ornaments to fill up a few lanterns and top with a cheery bow for a festive look that’s full of colour. Go further and hang them from the ceiling of your porch and include a few in your shrubs as well!

Add Some Plaid

christmas front porch

Make things cozy by adding a touch of plaid to your porch decorations this Christmas. This welcoming setting encourages visitors to wrap up warm and enjoy the scenery with a woolen throw, gloves and a scarf creating a delightful display.

Jingle Bells


This simple porch display gets all dressed up for Christmas with a simple addition – hanging jingle bells from the doorknob. Just think how festive it will be as you open your door to guests with the sound of twinkling bells?

Winter Activities as Decor


This fun porch display proves that anything goes when it comes to decor. A wooden sled, ice skates, a bright red shovel and boots conjure up everything great about the season and encourage visitors to get warm indoors or enjoy the great outdoors too.

Keep It Natural


And finally, for a more natural look, garlands and bunches of pine create a stunning look for any style of home. String garlands along the top of your door frame and fill your planters with more for a winter wonderland look that will carry you through the whole of the winter season.

How will you be decorating your porch this Christmas? Share your pics with us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook and we’ll feature our favorites!

Image Credits: Decor and the Dog, Ribbons & Glue, Martha Stewart, Ann Drake - On Sutton Place, Dimples & Tangles, 21 Rosemary Lane, Cuckoo 4 Design, Cottage in the Oaks, Setting for Four

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