Palm Springs Style

Towering palm trees, clear skies, glistening sand and bold pops of color – there’s little not to love about Palm Springs. A mecca of mid-century style with a touch of Hollywood Regency, the area became synonymous with glamour and decadence in the 60s and was iconised by photographer Slim Aarons. Today, that love of Palm Springs style has been reborn as people the world over capture the endless summer look in their own homes.

Slim Aarons Poolside Glamour
Slim Aarons Poolside Glamour via

If you are a fan of the area, you’ll love our post today which shares tips on how to capture the look of Palm Springs and feel as though you’ve escaped to the sunshine in your own decor.

Make an Entrance

"That Pink Door" captured by Studio DIY
“That Pink Door” captured by Studio DIY

One of the most recognizable elements of Palm Springs is the colorful doors on the houses in the area. Bold bright colors like tangerine orange, bright yellow, turquoise and pink create a welcoming vibe against bright blue skies. Consider creating a statement with your own front door by throwing out the rule book and embracing a bright or pastel ice cream shade as an inviting first look in your own home. Plants that do well in the heat like cactus and architectural succulents and palms create the final flourish for this statement style indoors and out.

Embrace Color

Palm Springs Style Bar Cart
Home of Natalie Jacob / Design by Michelle Gage / Photography by Kyle Born via Domino

Speaking of bold color, you’ll want to bring those same shades indoors. Bold tropical motifs work well for the Palm Springs look and embrace a whimsical feeling of a never-ending vacation. Choose a mix of shades all within a similar saturation for the most successful pairings. Lemon yellow, aqua, coral and pink are perfect choices for this style along with a heavy dose of gold finishings to provide polish and glamour.

Hollywood Regency Glam

Slim Aarons from Coco Republic
Kaufman Desert House III by Slim Aarons as styled by Coco Republic via Adore Magazine

For furniture, be inspired by the glamorous stars of Hollywood’s elite, choosing shapes and materials popularised by Hollywood Regency style. Lucite furniture gives rooms a lighter feel, perfect for sunny days whilst statement pieces covered in velvet add a tactile element which warms up and grounds a room. Lacquered furniture is another popular choice for Palm Springs style, reflecting the light and bouncing it around a room. The look is crisp and defined, adding energy to any space.

Mid-Century Mix

The Parker Hotel Jonathan Adler Design
The Parker Palm Springs Hotel / Jonathan Adler Design via Rue Magazine / Photo by Angie Silvy

The beauty of Palm Springs style is that it isn’t pigeon-holed into a single design era. Design from the mid-century can sit beautifully alongside finds from your travels and bohemian accents or antique pieces as Jonathan Adler did in his iconic design of The Parker Palm Springs Hotel in 2005. Contrasting luxurious finishes alongside a natural desert landscape create the perfect getaway so be sure to choose pieces that add personality or a quirky element to make it all your own.

Party Atmosphere

Society Social Pink Sofa and Bar Cart
Society Social

Finally, the Palm Springs look is all about a bit of fun. Whimsical colors, tropical motifs, luxury materials and crisp finishes create a home that’s vibrant and exciting. Capturing this look in your home creates a welcoming feast for the senses which should, above all else, be enjoyed. So make sure the bar cart is fully stocked and invite friends around to enjoy the surroundings when you create your own homage to this iconic style.

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Image Credits: Domino,, Studio DIY, Adore Magazine, Rue Magazine, Society Social

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