New York Inspired Home Decor

Effortless stylish, the epitome of cool and understated elegance – New York style has always been admired and often emulated around the world. There’s much inspiration to be had in looking at the homes of New Yorkers and today, we want to share some tips to get that look yourself. Get inspired by moody monochromes, vintage glamour and the creativity of all that New York homes have to offer and our top tips on how to decorate your home just like true New Yorker.

Dark and Moody Monochrome Manhattan

Tina Ramchandani NYC Bedroom
Design by Tina Ramchandani / Photography by Jacob Snavely / via Lonny

One of the most popular looks in New York style apartments are the reimagined neutral colour palette. Here, deep and moody colours play off striking black and white. Texture is in abundance in opulent fabrics and playful contemporary pieces sit comfortably alongside antiques passed down generations. In our example above, a stunning bedroom in Manhattan designed by Tina Ramchandani has simple and masculine lines but the additions of the playful gold clock and faux fur throw give it charm and livability.

Curated Aesthetic in Queens

KleinReid NYC Apartment Fireplace
Design by James Klein and David Reid / Photography by Hallie Burton / via Lonny

New Yorkers love antiques and creating a mix of old and new results in an eclectic look that’s lived in and loved. Choose your vintage pieces carefully, ensuring quality pieces are built to last but have fun with mixing and matching details from different eras. In James Klein and David Reid’s Queens home, this skillful curation creates a cosy and inviting aesthetic in the living room.

Parisian Flair on the Upper East Side

Sasha Bikoff NY Bedroom
Design by Sasha Bikoff / Photography by Patrick Cline / via Lonny

Of course, there’s no reason not to embrace the charms of other cultures when decorating a New York City apartment. Sasha Bikoff‘s glamorous aesthetic is rich with Parisian influence, playing off the architecture of New York style buildings and quirky features. Combine opulent fabrics like silk and velvet in soft playful colours for New York-via-Paris sophistication and flair.

Embrace Contrasts in Uptown Manhattan

Fawn Galli NY Living Room
Design by Fawn Galli / Photography by Stephen Kent Johnson / via Lonny

New York style is often one which borrows from both the past and present and this contrast is played out expertly by Fawn Galli in our next example. Here, in this apartment overlooking Central Park, Galli provided a white backdrop for her clients and offset it with a mix of furnishings from different eras. Modern, elegant, traditional and family-friendly, bright primary colours bounce off one another for a playful look including a sapphire mohair-velvet sofa that’s anything but boring.

Sophisticated Textures on Fifth Avenue

Daun Curry NYC Living Room
Design by Daun Curry / Photography by Genevieve Garruppo / via Lonny

With many New York apartments boasting elegant architectural features, rich textural fabrics allow for a luxe look in a soft palette. In this Fifth Avenue condo, Daun Curry created a softly elegant sitting room, complete with rich touches of velvet, silk and glass which intermingle effortlessly. Consider bringing in rich textures for that New York-inspired look in your own home with a warm color palette of neutrals that pack their punch with loads of touchable texture.


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Image Credits: Lonny, Lonny, Lonny, Lonny, Lonny

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