The New Scandi Trend: How to Live Lagom

You’ve heard of Hygge, but now it’s time to meet the next Scandinavian lifestyle trend, Lagom! Unlike ‘hygge’ which is the mood of feeling cozy, charming and special, Lagom (which originates from the Swedish phrase “Lagom är bäst”) is the idea of having just the right amount in order to have a happier, balanced and more sustainable life.

While not specifically an interior or lifestyle trend as such, the idea of Lagom can be infused into your interiors and used as inspiration for creating a more clutter and fuss-free style. If you’re looking to incorporate a little Lagom style into your decor, read on to find out how you can adopt this Scandi way of being into your home.

aegean style living room with kemble coffee table

Kemble Coffee Table

Lagom: Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability and thinking about your impact on the environment and your surroundings is a large part of Lagom. Here are a few ways to make some small eco-conscious changes to apply this idea to your life:

  • Save on your shower times. Even if you’re cutting a couple of minutes off of your shower, when doing it collectively as a society, we’d be saving enough water to supply hundreds of homes per day. A little goes a long way.
  • If you’ve got a garden, consider growing your own fruit and vegetables in it. Not only will it save you money on your grocery list, but it’ll mean you’re getting organic produce free of pesticides.
  • Reconsider what you buy from the grocery shop so that you reduce your food waste. We’re all guilty of leaving the salad to wilt or the milk to curdle, and if these are common problems for you, think about what you can do to tackle this. Buy  smaller milk cartons or meal prep so you’re only buying what you’ll cook with that week.
  • Similarly, bulk cook your meals where possible. It’ll save you energy and money on your bills and stop you from impulse buying meals when you’re feeling too lazy to cook!
  • Switch off lights in the rooms you’re not using and use timed lighters and switch your light bulbs to LEDs. This will reduce wattage without sacrificing light, and you’ll be saving lots of energy. It’s win-win!
  • Avoid using paper or plastic bags when shopping by bringing canvas bags around with you instead.

aegean style workspace with french farmhouse desk and kemble stool

French Farmhouse Office Desk, Kemble Vanity Table Stool

Lagom: Life Satisfaction

Lagom is so much more than sustainability. With an underpinning message of ‘not too much, not too little, just enough’, this rule can apply to more than just what we’re doing for the environment, but to our own lives too. Do you really need to buy another pair of jeans when you can sew up the hole? Is a trip to the cafe for your fix of caffeine before work really necessary? Are three different phone chargers essential when you could just carry one around with you?

It’s time to be more thoughtful when it comes to where your money and time is being spent and to aim for quality, not quantity. Instead of another shopping trip, why not volunteer at a goodwill store? Rather than doing that extra overtime, spend more time with your friends and family. It’s about using your time in a more meaningful way that will fulfill your life.

aegean dining setting with french farmhouse dining set

Kemble Grey Fabric Dining Chair, French Farmhouse Dining Set

Sure, saving money is a big benefit, but it’s all about appreciating what you’ve got and finding the balance in everything you do to feel content. Your home can reflect this too, with pieces that’ll last and that you can appreciate every day. At Oak Furniture Land, we believe in filling your home with furniture that has style and substance, for less that’ll last. Take a look at our collections today and discover the durable quality for yourself.

What parts of your daily routine are you going to change to make your life more Lagom? Let us know over on Facebook or show us on Instagram using #oakfurnitureland!

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