Interior Design Inspired by Food

We hear that inspiration for our homes is everywhere. Speak to any designer or interior addict and ask where they get their inspiration: most will respond with a common muse. Those areas where inspiration is rife – nature, travel, other homes, restaurants, hotels and the like – provide endless inspiration to us. But what if we told you that the food you eat can also provide wonderful inspiration for your home? While it may seem an odd choice, we recognize when we are looking at a beautiful plate of food. The combination of colors and textures of our meals make them more appetizing and thus, more appealing to our palette. So why not look at beautiful foods to inspire the colours and textures we use in our home?

Today, we thought it’d be fun to pair some gorgeous looking food with interiors that could have easily been inspired by them. From sweet and colourful to moody and mysterious, this time it’s okay to play with your food. It might just inspire your next home decor project!

Sweet Treat

Brooke Lark via Upsplash


white and gold shelves with colourful styling
PMQ for Two

Ariel of PMQ for Two is known for her joyful and liberal use of bright and colorful interiors and her latest office update is no different. A plate of donuts piled high with fruit and flowers could have easily inspired a similar look.

With happy bold shades mixing effortlessly with pastels, the lesson in color combination here is clear: Keep your background neutral (a simple white backdrop is shared by each), mix in a good dollop of blush pink (the frosting and artwork share a similar hue) and have fun with a bold mix of fruity and floral hues layered on top for a look that’s good enough to eat!


Moody Hues

Vegan Champagne Truffles
Taylor Kiser via Upsplash


Taupe and Black room scheme
Sherwin Williams via Domino

Simplicity is often under-rated. A simple bite into a chocolate champagne truffle can be a singularly enjoyable experience – the deep chocolate, an added addition of a colourful coating and a hit of champagne make these truffles undeniably appealing.

This beautiful quietly bohemian space from Sherwin Williams shares the beauty of this simple equation. Here, walls the colour of milk chocolate create the perfect background for deeper chocolate shades and easy-going textures. The woven chair and bohemian elements are restrained in colour but not in style. Texture and a restrained palette are shared by both our inspiration images, creating a moody and delicious look that can easily be adapted in your home.


Salad Days

Summer salad with avocado and pomogranate
Edgar Castrejon via Upsplash


Green bright living room
Sherwin Williams via Domino

Could a bright and healthy green salad provide inspiration for our home? Indeed it can. Green is currently one of the most popular shades of the year and creating a bold and vivid interior design using this colour for our base can be just what the doctor ordered.

Of course, this look is not for the faint of heart but if you want to create a space that won’t easily be forgotten, choose the colours we find on those days we are treating our bodies with care. The vivid green base is accented with bright pomegranate and tomato red and vivid yellow create pops of color. Note the choice of plate here in our inspiration salad as well – a floral design that could easily get lost but when translated into floral curtains, everything comes together in a symphony of colour and pattern.


Berry Beauty

Flax seed Biscuits with cherry icing
Carole Poirot


Living room with lilac sofa and burgundy chair
Amelia Widell / Elle Decor SE / Photo by Andrea Papini / Styling by  Sasa Antic

We love Carole Poirot’s beautiful combinations of flavours and textures in the foods she creates for her blog, Mademoiselle Poirot but it was this stunning dish with shades of lilac, deep plum and a smattering of flowers that looks just as beautiful on a plate as it does when it’s translated into a room scheme.

This beautiful living room in the home of Amelia Widell and shot for Elle Decor Sweden illustrates this perfectly and could have easily been inspired by Carole’s recipe. Sumptuous sofas in the same shades create a striking pair when combined with a collection of books and art that tell a story and invite you in to explore. Note the punctuation of flowers and plants throughout, creating an organic element that works perfectly with the limited but uplifting color palette.


Pale & Interesting

Italian bakery
Sarah Shaffer via Upsplash


Kate la Vie living room
Kate la Vie

And finally, for those who prefer the easy-going softness of neutrals with just a smattering of color, look no further than an Italian bakery, the delights of simple baked goods softly accented with a warm white backdrop and the light-reflecting quality of glass.

Kate la Vie’s stunning living room shares a similar light hand when it comes to colour – soft pinks and mellow yellows play effortlessly with glass accents, warm wood, marble and touches of brass. These materials and colors combine to create a warm and inviting look where natural patterns and textures are the stars of the show.


Have you ever considered using food to inspire the colours and textures you use in your home? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!


Image Credits: Upsplash, PMQ for Two, Upsplash, Sherwin Williams via Domino, Upsplash, Mademoiselle Poirot, Elle Decor Sweden, Upsplash, Kate la Vie

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