How to Style Your Hutch

One of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can buy is a Hutch. Perfect for storage, perfect for displaying your favorite things, it’s even perfect for bar spaces and snacks for entertaining guests when you least expect it! But often, what comes with versatility, is a struggle in styling the piece. Trying to fit a hutch in with your color scheme, decor, and existing furniture is an art you have to master. Whether it’s in the kitchen or the dining room, here are some of our tips and tricks that’ll help you fit your piece into your home.

original rustic hutch in dining room

Source: Oak Furniture Land Original Rustic Collection

Start with the simplest. Choose a hutch that will fit in with the general look and feel of your home. If you’ve got traditional style interior or quirky bits of decor, our Victoria Hardwood Hutch has farmhouse styling with bronze-tinted drop-bar handles, which adds an amazing traditional feel to the furniture. Accessorize with a beautiful tray of glasses bottles for an inviting style with a vintage touch.

country cottage hutch from oak furniture land

Source: Oak Furniture Land Country Cottage Collection

If you prefer a cleaner and calmer style, keeping all pieces in a single color is the easiest option. Kitchen linen or stacks of crockery won’t look mismatched because everything has been kept white-on-white. You’ve always got the option to add pops of color in a bouquet of flowers or small prints to add bits of interest without disturbing its peaceful appearance. The neutral color of our Country Cottage Hutch will work wonders with this look, with smaller sections that are perfect for storing a mix of items – think stacks of different shaped mugs or mason jars with your favorite ingredients.

baku hutch in dining room

Source: Oak Furniture Land Baku Light Collection

One of the reasons we love hutches is how well they can show off your favorite collections. With different levels of height and depth, they’re perfect for displaying items that are similar in design but vary in size. Make the most of the display area by creating a big impact with just one collection that doesn’t leave the space feeling bare or empty. If you have too few or small objects or pieces to display, it can leave your hutch looking unimpressive and empty.

kemble hutch

Source: Oak Furniture Land Kemble Collection

A large hutch won’t always work in every room. Maybe it’s too small or you’ve just utilized all the available space. If this is the case, choosing a narrower hutch with less display room is a much better option, especially in rooms with higher ceilings. Showing off just a few of your favorite pieces creates a more balanced look, which is easier on the eyes and suits the size of the hutch.

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