How To Style Your Console Table

The humble console table is an item of furniture that almost everyone uses, but it can easily become the last place we think of when looking for new ways to revamp our home.

So often relegated as simply another place to throw down the keys after a busy day at work or the place that mail builds upon, it’s time to give your console table the appreciation it deserves!

In this blog we will shine a light on one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in your home. Want to learn how to style your console table? Then read on.

Where should I use my console table?

For those of us with narrow entryways or small mudrooms, a console table is a lifesaver. Where space is limited, choosing furniture can be a headache, especially if you desire something that will fit all your needs but still work with the rest of your decor.

The beauty of a console table is that they come in many different sizes and shapes. This handy piece of furniture allows you to work with the dimensions you have, and save space without compromising on style!

Top yours with flowers for a pop of color when your friends and family arrive for your potluck party or a mirror for those last-minute beauty fixes!

Dining rooms tend to be home to bigger pieces of furniture like sideboards or hutches, but a console table can work just as well in this environment.

The versatile nature of a console table means that you can really experiment with the placement and make it suit your exact purpose. Perhaps you’re in need of somewhere to display your best dinnerware, but don’t have enough space for a sideboard; a console table provides the same storage but without the bulk.

In need of a bar cart for your party this weekend? Another way you can use a console table is to get your favorite drinks together and display alongside your barware and glasses for a sophisticated soiree you’ll be talking about for weeks!

shutter brushed oak painted console table

We all have our favorite books; beautifully illustrated hardbacks, vintage coffee books foraged from thrift stores. A console table becomes the perfect way to make the most of these treasures in your living room – not to mention handy drawers where you can keep old magazines or tealights when they are not in use.

Lounge progress

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Got other areas in your home that could do with some love? Small console tables are a great way to store toiletries near bathrooms where there isn’t a lot of storage in the room. Alternatively, why not double up your clothes drawers with a vanity area by using a console table in the bedroom?

french farmhouse console table

These are just a few ideas of the many ways that a console table can become an integral part of your home – the possibilities are truly endless!

Styling your console table

As well as making the most of your console table as a place for storage, don’t forget to add some style and personality.
orric rustic oak console table

Alongside the essentials and any trinkets, use large pieces of artwork to make a focal point above the console table. Create layers of interest and textures by using different shapes and sizes of frames and objects that will become a much-discussed feature in your home. You can even use unusual vases or bowls to display real (or fake!) foliage to bring some nature into your display.

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Hanging lots of artwork isn’t always an option, but you can lean your favorite paintings or photographs on top of your console table for a look that you can easily change when you feel like it! Use a signature color scheme to help bring together different elements.

kemble console table

Have you used your console table in an unconventional way? We’d love you to share your savvy use of this often underappreciated piece of furniture. Tag us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram!

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