French Farmhouse Style For Spring

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all escape to the French countryside this spring? Just imagine wandering through fields of wildflowers down to the local market town, eating beautiful French pastries and sipping on local red wine… Ahh, we can dream!

Now this may not be a reality for everyone, but with our French Farmhouse collection you can inject a little bit of that European style into your own home this spring. The range was inspired by classic French designs, so as you look through these pieces you may bring to mind tumbling farmhouse conversions filled with quaint details, charming features and that quintessentially French style best described as ‘chic’.


Think France, think food – right? So it’s no wonder that one of our most beloved pieces from this collection is the French Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak Dining Set, available here. Crafted from premium grade solid oak, this beautiful set has a few design features that give it that quintessentially European feel. With classic flared cornices and inlaid grooves on the tabletop, this is a dining set which will lend immediate style to your home. The perfect place to gather round with friends and family enjoying all your favourite dishes – but perfect not escargot!

Another piece that we adore from this collection is the French Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak Hutch, featured in the above shot. According to our lovely guest blogger Kimberly, hutches are one of the key items that create a stylish dining room. These pieces of furniture are timeless and will provide an instant touch of elegance to your dining room.


After you’ve dined around your lovely French Farmhouse table, you’ll need somewhere to go and relax – which is why we love the French Farmhouse pieces designed to create a relaxing lounge space. The French Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak Coffee Table is the perfect example of how you don’t need to break the bank to inject a bit of chic design into your home. With an arched base, panelled sides and gorgeous flared cornices, it’s the little details on this piece that make it so stylish.

The same is also true of our French Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak Nesting Tables. These practical but stylish items will give your home that little je ne sais quoi that the French Farmhouse collection is so perfect for.


But as far as we’re concerned, it’s in the bedroom that the French Farmhouse collection really shines. Can you imagine waking up in a bedroom filled with these beautiful pieces? It’d be very difficult to have a bad day!

The French Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak Bed is available in two sizes; Full or Queen. Both come with the lovely details of classic French design that you can see above – sophisticated panelling and flared cornices – all crafted from 100% solid oak, as always. Paired with a sumptuous mattress from our range, snuggling down in this bed will have you dreaming of your French chateau night after night.

And of course, no French Farmhouse home would be complete without plenty of storage space to keep everything neat, stylish and sophisticated. Our French Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak 3+2 Dresser is both a practical and stylish addition to your home, as is the French Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak Double Armoire. Your closet may not be filled with Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior, but the classic French design of this armoire will more than make up for it.

Click here to browse the full French Farmhouse collection and inject a bit of European chic into your home this spring.

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