Embracing Rustic: Warm and Inviting Home Decor Looks

Blame Chip and Joanna if you’d like, but we’re loving rustic and farmhouse inspired interiors at the moment. There’s just something so inviting about the warm textures, cozy colors, and natural textures that rustic style evokes that we’d like to bring into our homes. In fact, we designed our entire Original Rustic collection as a way of embracing this country look, in high quality pieces made from solid oak.

We love seeing how our Oak Furniture Land community brings the rustic trend to life, so we asked some of our customers to share how they incorporated this look into their rooms. Check out some of these great ways to embrace the rustic look in your home:

Making the most of small spaces

French farmhouse sideboard

French Farmhouse Sideboard

A little bit of Original Rustic can make a big impact, even in the smallest of spaces. This photo from @a_yorkshire_cottage_beginning is a masterclass in combining little touches to make a big impression. The Original Rustic small sideboard placed underneath the unusual witch window helps to transform this awkward corner into the perfect home styl vignette – note the window to help bounce light around. The warm tones of the rustic oak pairs beautifully with the natural leaves and rope texture of the lamp, and the woven baskets add to the country feel. It all works together to add both rustic style -and storage – to an otherwise forgotten corner.
Create a rich color palette

French farmhouse coffee table

French Farmhouse Coffee Table

We often see rustic pieces combined with neutral colors to create calming countryside escapes, but it’s possible to go maximalist as well. The beautiful honey-colored tones of the wood  can play nicely with strong colors for a more striking look. Here, @theknitpicker uses our popular Original Rustic coffee table to offset jewel-toned accents for a bold industrial-country scheme. Colorful artwork, statement cushions, and a floral arrangement create an impactful rustic room.

Go for the glam

French farmhouse living room

French Farmhouse Display Cabinet &  French Farmhouse Sideboard

If you love the rustic look, but aren’t ready to let go of your more glamorous side, then this living room by @pursuingmyhomedreams will make you smile. They’ve combined classic country style elements, such as the display cabinet, TV unit, sideboard, and rustic textured sofas with glitzy accents for contrast. The crystal chandelier and glass elements in the cabinet add that little bit of sparkle to give this country interior a joyful twist, and the jewel-encrusted mirror adds light to the room and completes the look!

Mix your materials

French farmhouse lamp table

French Farmhouse Lamp Table

When you first think about rustic style, textures like wood and chunky knits may come to mind. And while these are great starting points, one way to create real impact in a room is by mixing unexpected materials to create that wow-factor moment. In this living room, @theknitpicker combined the wood of the table with metallic elements in the lamp and artwork, for a modern take on rustic interiors.

How do you bring rustic style to life in your home? Share your photos with us using #OakFurnitureLand or check out our Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook for more inspiration today!

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