Earthly Elegance: Using Mineral Elements in Home Decor

You don’t have to be an LA it-girl to have heard the news: crystals are everywhere in home decor at the moment. Chalk it up to the 70s style revival, or the ongoing wellbeing trend, but it seems that we just can’t escape mineral-inspired home decor. And we’re not complaining!

We’re big fans of bringing natural elements into the home – it’s why we choose to use only 100% solid hardwood in our products – and adding in crystal elements into your design really works well with the texture of the wood grains. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate mineral elegance into the home that feel sophisticated and chic.

Crystal candle holder




There’s something so soothing about flickering candlelight in the evenings, and swapping out your standard tea light holders for some crystal designs is a stylish way to try on this trend.  There are so many looks available! The more organic, jagged styles add a bohemian edge to a room, while polished smooth stone tea light holsters have an elegant air. Add these to the top of your sideboard to make a statement in your dining room, or add one to each of your bedside tables (you could even use an LED-votive for a fire-safe look) for a touch of romance.


Mineral-inspired art

Art is a beautiful way to incorporate mineral elegance into any room of your home! Find a look that’s personal to you. Whether you love bold jewel tones or more subdued shades, you’ll be able to find the perfect look for your walls. We love the abstract look of the agate -inspired piece above, perfect for children’s rooms or a home office.


Drawer pulls


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Perfect for a weekend project, why not upgrade your standard furniture hardware with some of these crystal drawer pulls. We love this look, as it not only totally transforms a piece, but is also totally temporary. You can always swap back to your original drawer pulls as the seasons, or your tastes change! We love the way the rich tones of blue or purple agate look offset against the tones of natural oak. They also add a touch of sparkle to our painted pieces, too!




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What better addition to your bookcase or display unit than these eye-catching bookends! Crystal bookends are fantastic for adding a bit of texture and visual interest to bookcases. More natural and rustic looks are perfect for farmhouse schemes, while smooth and colorful sets are ideal for bold rooms, or as a main accent. We also construct all of our shelves from thick, sturdy solid oak and hardwood, so you never have to worry about them bending under the weight of these mineral pieces!

What are your favorite ways to add earthly elegance to your home? Share your best looks with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using #OakFurnitureLand today to join the conversation!

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