Decorating With Mushroom Tones

Spring inevitably means that magazines and interior design sites are full of color, florals and pastels. The sun gives everything a bright and vibrant hue, but if the thought of color makes you shudder – don’t worry! It’s not to everyone’s taste after all. Minimalism and neutrals never go out of style, and there’s good news for all those with more sophisticated taste. Mushroom is one of the colors of the season.

Mushroom is a muted gray color – sophisticated and calm, it immediately lends elegance to any room. Since it doesn’t draw too much attention to itself, this color is the perfect backdrop. Read on to find out why we love this special shade and all its gray companions.


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Mushroom or gray is a great color to work your own style around. Unlike other colors, it doesn’t set the tone of an interior all by itself – rather, it takes a step back and lets you decide how to apply it. With just a few licks of paints you can go elegant, industrial, shabby – or all of those things at once! Your furniture items will be made more prominent by this particular shade, with these items doing most of the “talking”.

As a result, make sure you actually like your furniture. Our Country Cottage range would look lovely against a soft mushroom or pale gray tone – or if you prefer a more striking and contemporary look, opt for a dark wood range such as Manor House or Victoria.


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Using strong colors in a room isn’t always easy, which is why so many of us turn to beige or cream when decorating our homes. Luckily, gray is a color which makes a statement AND keeps it simple all at once. It also makes it easier to use bright springtime colors such as pink, yellow or purple – they’ll really ‘pop’ against that mushroom tone!

It’s also a great color to use because it’s unmistakably grown up. So, if you are a fan of color and want to inject lots of bright playfulness into your home, a mushroom backdrop will stop it from looking too much like a kindergarten!


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If you’re worried about gray looking too cold, mushroom is great because it has that slight element of warmth that’s missing from more traditional gray tones like steel.

Either way, try to take the same kind of approach that you would if you were decorating an entirely white room. Texture is key. Adding in textured fabrics such as velvet or wool, as well as natural woods or soft furnishings will help to break up the room. Forgo blinds in favor of cushions and layer up lots of lovely blankets and pillows to keep the room looking cozy.

Adding plants is another great way to liven up potentially cold interiors, and bright green looks amazing against a mushroom color.


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Keeping large furniture pieces in the same shade of grey as your walls will give you an overall very elegant and restraint look. This could be a light grey paired with floor-to-ceiling book cases or a dark grey wall with a matching chest of drawers in front of it. Even small accessories can be matched. Think of some pretty tassels, a vase, a pretty tray or a small bust. All these will add to the overall calm look.

The other big advantage to using gray or mushroom colors in your home is how beautiful it looks against wood. Whilst natural wood can sometimes clash with certain colors, it’s only enhanced by grey-toned surroundings. The beautiful grain of natural, solid oak looks stunning against these colors, and the warmth of the wood is enhanced by the coolness of gray mushroom.

Of course, you don’t have to use gray exclusively on the walls – it also looks beautiful on the furniture itself! Our gray and natural wood St Ives range is the perfect furniture for this trend.

St Ives 002_219

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Have we convinced you? Let us know! For more tips and tricks on things interior design and style, make sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram. See you there!


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