Dark Scandi

When we think about Scandinavian design, for many of us, the first thing that comes to mind is whitewashed wood floors, white walls, lots of natural light and natural wood furniture with a good dose of textures, monochrome accents and perhaps a few pale pastels. It’s a striking look that’s been adopted world-wide as legions of fans recognize the beauty of this simple palette and strong design aesthetic.

However, there is a new movement taking place of darker colors being used and it’s given the Scandi look a whole new feel. Moody, sophisticated and perfectly cozy for the Fall and Winter, the look of dark Scandi interiors is the perfect trend to update your home.

Pattern Play with Dark Scandi Style

Room with black cactus wall decor and sofa

One hallmark of Scandinavian design is the use of strong geometric patterns to bring energy to a space. We love the use of a mix of patterns in this dark Scandinavian living room which shows that dark doesn’t mean depressing! Choosing bold patterns can be a great way to keep your dark Scandi style fun and eclectic through rugs, pillows and storage pieces.


Using Neutrals and Metallics in a Dark Scandi Room Design

Dark Scandinavian Room Decor
Photo by Aaina Sharma on Unsplash

Of course, if you are looking for a more relaxing take on Dark Scandi design, look no further than a few simple pops of white or metallics to shine against the darker backdrop. In our example above, your eye is naturally drawn to the origami-style bird light as well as the white pieces that punctuate the black walls. The shimmer of gold is also beautiful against dark walls, bouncing around any available light in the room.


Pops of Color in Dark Scandi Living Room

dark living room with colorful Scandi accents
Jen Stanbrook / Love Chic Living

Even with a period property, you can create a Dark Scandinavian-inspired space by using accessories and furniture to mix with character details. In Jen Stanbrook’s home seen above, plenty of smaller accessories with a Scandinavian feel as well as simple colorful artwork gives the space a joyful feel even with a dark backdrop. Choose accessories in soft saturated hues to offset the darker design aspects and white furniture to lighten and brighten the space.


Adding Drama to Dark Scandi Interiors

dark scandi bedroom with pale pink accents
Karen Knox / Making Spaces

For a dramatic twist on Scandinavian design, consider taking inspiration from this beautiful bedroom designed by Karen Knox above. A luxe wall mural in dark colors with splashes of green and coral set the tone for the space as the bed takes center stage. Consider furniture with simple structured style like the four poster bed which doesn’t add any further embellishment or pattern but does create a strong focal point. Choose softly saturated hues as accents to add additional texture to create a cozy space with plenty of style.


Dark Blue Scandi-Inspired Bedroom

dark blue scandi bedroom
Karen Knox / Making Spaces

Another space created by Karen of Making Spaces shows us that you don’t have to stick with black or grey for a dark Scandinavian design. Consider other colors like indigo blue, deep forest green or even burgundy to give a bedroom an enveloping feel, perfect for a cozy space that encourages restfulness and deeper sleep. Accent your wall color with it’s opposite on the color wheel for a bold contrast in your accessories and bedding. Here, we see yellow as the perfect accent to blue but you can consider orange or rust in a green room or peach against burgundy walls.


Dark Scandi Doesn’t Have to Mean Dark Walls

Dark Scandi living room with white walls and black flooring
Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels

Of course, choosing to a dark Scandi design doesn’t necessarily have to mean that every wall is painted in a dark color. In the home office above, we see the room is mostly painted in a pale grey but a dark floor and a mix of natural wood and dark furniture give the space a sophisticated vibe. Accent dark floors with a large faux fur rug to add texture and warmth and metallics to add a touch of shine.


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Image Credits: Making Spaces, Upsplash, Love Chic Living, Making Spaces, Pexels

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