Creating Reading Nooks

There’s nothing quite as indulgent as giving yourself some time to read. Creating an area in the home where you can comfortably settle in with your favorites without distractions can be a wonderfully rewarding interior design decision. If you think you don’t have the space or opportunity to create a reading nook in your home, you may be surprised to learn that they can take many different forms.

Today, we’re looking at some incredibly inspiring examples in lots of different homes, proving that no matter what your style, you can maximise the space you have to create a reading nook you and your family will love.

Children’s Reading Nook

Arty Home Studio

We love how Meera at Arty Home Studio made use of an awkward alcove in her son’s room to create this bold and colorful reading area. With comfy carpets and soft textiles along with simple ledges filled with books along one wall, the reading nook was born. Get creative with your children’s spaces. The dark navy walls cocoon this bright cozy space with a contrasting white and grey striped feature wall, drawing your eye towards this inviting space for kids and adults alike.

Window Reading Nook

Studio McGee reading nook
Studio McGee

Look at your windows as an opportunity to create a reading nook as Studio McGee has done in this Modern Coastal home. The window seat may be small but it’s perfectly formed, creating a comfortable spot with the use of a soft cushion seat and a few throw pillows. Built in bookshelves have been incorporated on both sides making reaching for your favorites a breeze and handy drawers add that all important storage.

Scandi Reading Nook

Curate & Display

When Tiffany of Curate & Display found herself facing a neglected small sunroom in her newly purchased character property, she saw it as an opportunity to use the space to its full potential. With paint and a bit of elbow grease, this small area was transformed as the perfect spot for a reading nook, Scandi style. The classically designed chair and soft woven rug became the room’s focal point and surrounded by greenery, it became an oasis of calm, perfect for paging through her favorite magazines.

Library Reading Nook

Dos Family Bookshelf
Jenny Brandt / Dos Family

If you have built in bookshelves in your home, there’s no better spot to place a cozy armchair and it’s really the easiest way to create a reading nook. We love Jenny from Dos Family’s beautiful library and the warm caramel leather chair makes it an easy choice to curl up in. A chair placed away from the rest of your living room gives a bit of privacy, allowing you or your family a quiet spot to indulge in a little ‘me-time’.

Built-In Reading Nook with Daybed

Jess – Bright Green Door

If you don’t have a reading nook already, why not build one that does double duty? This creative DIY by Jenny from Bright Green Door is the perfect example of making the most of an unused space. What was once an awkward throughway in an upstairs hallway is now the perfect spot to catch up on the latest novel or take a snooze in the sunshine. Both walls are flanked with bookshelves and in between, a custom daybed, piled high with throws and pillows.

Office Reading Nook

Cup of Jo Reading Nook
Cup of Jo / Design Birgit Sfat / Photos Julia Robbs

We fell in love with this built-in reading nook over on Cup of Jo in Birgit Sfat’s San Francisco home. The sunny spot has multiple uses including a small desk and shelving and where many would see dead space, Birgit saw an opportunity. With soft linen covers and a few throw pillows, it’s now the perfect spot for a cup of tea and some relaxation away from the worries of the day.

Living Room Reading Nook

Front + Main / Design Hannah & Chayce Wilson

And finally, if you aren’t working with any awkward spaces but you still want to create a welcoming spot for book reading, take a leaf out of Hannah and Chayce Wilson from Blank Slate Renovations. This corner spot near a large picture window became the perfect reading nook simply by including a comfortable arm chair, a fluffy footstool and a small table. If you are looking to create a reading nook in your own home, it really can be as easy as that!

We hope you’ve got some great ideas for creating your own reading nook in your home today! Do let us know which is your favorite and share your reading nooks with us on Facebook or Instagram!


Image Credits: Arty Home Studio, Studio McGee, Curate & Display, Dos Family, Bright Green Door, A Cup of Jo, Front + Main West Elm

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