14 Ways To Cozy Up Your Home For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve put together 14 ways to make your lovely home as can be! So, whether you’re heading out on a glamorous date or spending your evening in front of Netflix, you can ensure your home is a romantic place for you both to enjoy.

Read on to find out how to make your home as romantic as possible for February 14th!

1. Dress the bed.

With the rest of the house used communally, your bedroom should be a private retreat that you and your partner can share. In order to direct focus towards the bed area, use a mixture of blankets, throws and pillows to make it as welcoming as possible. You could maybe invest on a glamorous bed canopy, or why not get your DIY on this Valentine’s Day and create some personalised pillowcases?

beige and blue bedroom

2. Draw the drapes.

The drapes or curtains in your house can make a big difference, so it’s time to make them a priority if you’ve been putting off this investment for a while! Light, drapey curtains can create a lazy Sunday morning vibe, whilst heavy-duty blackout curtains will allow you to shut out the whole world so it’s just the two of you. Altogether now: aww!


3. Flowers are the language of love!

It’s a bit of a no-brainer, but roses are perfect for this time of year – you really can’t go wrong! But they don’t have to be that bright, rosy red – why not be a bit more alternative and opt for blue or pink roses? Of course, if you’d rather forgo roses altogether, did you know that tulips are meant to symbolise perfect love? Whatever your favourite flower is, arrange them in beautiful vases around your home for the perfect Valentine’s Day environment.

red roses

4. Feng Shui

The ancient art of home organisation, Feng Shui is designed to make your interior decor as calm and relaxing as possible – just in time for Valentines. One key Feng Shui principle is to have lots of items in pairs, as it lends harmony and synchronicity to the home. To find out more about introducing Feng Shui in your home, read this guide.

headboard and nightstand

5. Nightstands for two

We know that having two of key items is crucial to Feng Shui – so, if your home is lacking in matching nightstands, why not upgrade them now? Not only is this a practical addition to the house, it also lends a sense of visual partnership and equality to your bedroom. Plus – they’ll be ideal for breakfast in bed on February 15th!

oak furniture land nightstand

6. Sensual scents

Delightful perfumes have been linked to romance for literally hundreds of year, with even the ancient Egyptians choosing to bathe in essential oil in preparation for marriage. So, there’s a reason the perfume industry is worth millions of dollars – it works! Rose, sandalwood and vanilla have been used as aphrodisiacs for centuries, so why not invest in a beautiful room spray from a luxury brand like Diptyque? The lovely scents will have you feeling happier at home immediately.

diptyque bottles

7. Get cuddly

Nothing will encourage you to cozy up and cuddle like a warm, thick blanket! Drape faux fur throw over your couch, or a cable-knit number on your armchair. The mixture of textures and fabrics will be too inviting to resist, and you’ll find yourselves curled up together in no time. If you’re stuck for where to store your throws and blankets after February 14th, have a look at our guide to using your blanket chest.

faux fur blanket

8. Literary love

Remember that scene in Sex and the City, where Carrie and Big read out famous love letters to each other? You could leave the very same book out on your coffee table and spend an evening together revisiting those famous words. With letters and tales of true love, unrequited love, platonic love, comic love and everything in between, you’ll find the loveliest lyrical ode that’s perfect for you and your other half.

red heart on open book

9. Bring back the string lights!

Did you just put away your string lights from Christmas? Well, time to dig them back out again! The soft and gentle ambience of string lights will be perfect for your evenings together, and are easily used in every room in the house. You could pile them inside of a mason jar on your table as an alternative to candles, hang them casually around the windows of your lounge, or loop them around your bed’s headboard as the evening progresses.

string lights

10. Don’t forget the music!

As William Shakespeare famously wrote, ‘If music be the food of love – play on!’. Nothing will bring back the memories of your early days together like the music you used to listen to when you were getting to know each other, so why not take a trip down memory lane by building a Spotify playlist of meaningful songs to play throughout the evening? For newer couples, spend Valentine’s Day getting to know each other’s musical interests, so that you’ll have lovely musical memories for the future. Light a few candles (or hang up some string lights) and spend the evening waltzing in your lounge to all those old classics.

vinyl record player

11. Introduce color

Red is, of course, the color most obviously associated with February 14th, and if you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy some kitschy red heart shaped pillows – now’s your chance! But, for a more understated look, why not try some cooler and calmer tones? Pantone’s Colors of the Year in 2016 were rose quartz and serenity blue, but we think this color combo is far too nice to leave in the past!

blue and pink bedroom

 12. Use candlelight

All the string lights in the world are no substitute for the timeless romance of candles – and you’ll never feel more beautiful than when you’re lit by soft and flickering candle light. Inexpensive tealight candles can be placed in little mason jars around your house, or invest in a more luxurious candle to make things feel super special.  (P.S. Can’t be bothered to spend all night relighting candles? Just pick up some battery-powered ones – we won’t tell you if you don’t!)

candle display

13. Remember and reflect

If you’ve been lucky enough to find the love of your life, then show off about it this Valentine’s Day. Have you hung on to anything from those early days of dating? Ticket stubs? Plane tickets? Dig these little momentos out of storage and display them around your home. These little visual reminders of your early days will bring back wonderful memories, and make a great talking point for you to reflect on – as well as celebrate how far you’ve come, together.

heart drawing

14. Print out photos

Are you a snap-happy couple? Spend a day looking through your favourite couple photos, get them printed and then finally get them framed! Printing photos is easy and cheap through websites like Snapfish, and some simple frames shouldn’t set you back too much experience. You could display these photos on the fridge, your mantlepiece or even on the wall, using this guide to creating a DIY Photowall. Feeling extra romantic? Slip a small photo of the two of you into your other half’s jacket pocket the next day, and keep the romance going well past Valentine’s Day.


How will you be celebrating Valentine’s this year? We’d love to know! Send us your romantic stories on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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