Color Combinations: Color Schemes to Inspire

Choosing a color scheme is no doubt one of the most exciting prospects when decorating a room in your home but it can also be one of the most challenging. Do you stick with what is tried and true or push the boat out and create something completely different? If you are considering taking the leap into a color combination that takes a risk, we’re here to inspire you. The color combinations we are sharing today may be unusual but they are sure to encourage you to be bold with your choices and create a look that’s totally you.

Consider combining these color scheme ideas with neutral walls or large furnishings and dip your foot in with smaller soft furnishings and accessories for a subtle interpretation or get brave and take your floors, walls and ceilings to the next level.

Color Combination #1: Burgundy and Blush

Blush and Burgundy Color Combo
Adore Magazine / Styling Beck Simon for Nathan + Jac / Photo Eve Wilson

This deep romantic color scheme is a great choice for a bedroom or a cozy living room. Deeper warm reds with lighter shades provide a wonderful contrast without overwhelming the senses. Choose just a touch of a third shade, like coral as we see here, to provide the perfect finishing accent.

Color Combination #2: Indigo & Lime

Indigo and Lime Color Combo
Design & Photography: Karen Knox – Making Spaces

Darker blues have dominated the interior design trends for a few years so if you are looking to choose indigo for your next project, why not consider mixing it with accents of bright lime green? In the living room above, the deep blue creates a cocooning effect but a just a small dash of bold bright lime lifts and brightens for easy-to-live-with style.

Color Combination #3: Mulberry and Olive Green

Mulberry and Olive Color Combo
Design & Photography: Kimberly Duran – Swoon Worthy

Bold jewel tones always work beautifully together so combining a rich mulberry with a deep olive creates a lively look as seen above. Stick to warmer shades of plum for an inviting look and punctuate the color scheme with mustard yellow and accents of gold for a regal finish.

Color Combination #4: Blush and Ochre

Blush and Ochre Color Combo
Design & Photography: Kate La Vie

If you love a tranquil and calm look in your home, why not consider the soft and lovely color combination of blush pink and ochre? Stick with natural wood finishes and pale walls to create an oasis of peace in your space.

Color Combination #5: Navy and Lilac

Navy and Lilac Color Combo
Adore Magazine / Barnaby Lane x Heatherly Design

With Pantone announcing Ultraviolet – a deep purple – for their Color of the Year, we were bound to see variations of the shade trickle in our homes. Enter lilac, a much softer interpretation of the trend and easy to live with. We particularly love it combined with deep navy and accents of teal as seen in the bedroom above.

Color Combination #6: Rust and Peach

Domino / Design Kip & Co / Photo by Nikole Ramsay
Domino / Design Kip & Co / Photo by Nikole Ramsay

Take your inspiration from the great outdoors and bring desert shades into your home via deep rust and pale peach. This color scheme creates visual warmth in a room, bathing your space in soft flattering light. Bring in some greenery as a third accent colour to this warm subtle combination.

Color Combination #7: Peach and Burgundy

Peach and Burgundy Color Combo
Sight Unseen / Design Paul Denoly and Nick Blaine of Hawkins New York / Photo by Pippa Drummond

And finally, another color combination which uses peach but this time mixed with rich dark burgundy and claret red as the accent colours. Combine it with gold for an updated looks on an 80’s favourite.

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Image Credits: Adore Magazine, Making Spaces, Swoon Worthy, Kate La Vie, Adore Magazine, Domino, Sight Unseen

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