Capture That Summer Feeling Shibori Style For Your Home

There’s just something about summer… the longer days, warmer weather, and relaxed pace that all work together to make us feel a bit more laidback. If you’re looking to bring a bit of that relaxation into your home, we think Shibori fabrics are definitely something you should be considering.

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Shibori is the name for a traditional Japanese dyeing technique which makes unique and organic patterns on fabric. This more grown-up take on the tie-dye kits we grew up with, is given a more sophisticated twist thanks to the indigo dye, which gives Shibori fabric it’s signature two-toned look. Navy and white is a summer staple color combo after all – both in fashion and in home style – and we think Shibori brings a Cali-cool edge to a room.

So how do you incorporate Shibori style into your home? Thankfully, we think it’s pretty easy to bring this summery style into your home decor!

Start with the accessories

The simplest place to start trying a new look for you home is in the accessories. So when it comes to Shibori, why not start with the sofa, by bringing in some decorative throw pillows to try the look in your living room? Shibori pairs especially well with neutral sofas, in beige and grays to bring a beachy vibe to a space or when matched with a tan leather sofa, they provide the perfect amount of contrast.

Why not try bringing in the fabric in unexpected ways too? We love the look of Shibori fabric scraps framed like art in a light beech or weathered wood frame. You can even find cozy cotton throws dyed with this traditional technique, perfect for draping around your home.

Bringing in bigger accents

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If you’re ready to take the next step with Shibori, try to use it in larger-scale areas. The dining room is a great place to start! This beautiful fabric looks fantastic when used as a tablecloth. Look for relaxed linen or crisp cotton finishes.

If a full tablecloth doesn’t suit your home style, runners or placemats in Shibori also create huge design moments in a room. Indigo is also a beautiful accent color for the solid oak grain patterns of our dining tables. Complete the look by using pale ceramic dishware and concrete accents, like candle holders and vases, for a really natural and calming summer feeling.

Go for the bold

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Finally, if you’re into Shibori in a big way, there are some fun ways to bring a bit of wow-factor into your home with the fabric. Blues are a perfect color to bring into the bedroom, as they bring a calming air to a space. So why not consider a Shibori sheet set? In linen or cotton, they can create a cool – and cooling feeling in a summer bedroom. Add some beautiful summer blooms like daisies or black-eyed susans to a vase on the nightstand, and you’ve got a great look for the season.

Don’t neglect your window treatments, either! Shibori is perfect for lightweight curtains; it reflects the look of dappled sunshine and brings the outside in. We’d recommend trying full-length styles for a truly comfortable and easy feeling… and why not try using raw-edge curtains for a rustic feeling?

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