Bright and Bold: Your Must-Have Colors for 2017

Psychologists have studied the effects that colors have on our moods for many years but you don’t need a doctorate to understand that color affects us all in different ways. Just like in our wardrobes, if we surround ourselves with the shades and tones that make us feel good, our homes will be happy places to be.

One of the nicest things about colors used in interior design is that they are easy to change. A simple can of paint can transform your room in a weekend and it’s not too expensive if you change your mind further down the line. Today, we’re talking about the bold and bright must-have shades for 2017.  While ‘Millennial Pink’ may be trending, we’re sharing a few up-and-coming alternatives that you’re bound to love.

Citron Yellow

yellow interior design inspiration

There are few colors that can make a room look more cheerful. In smaller doses, it’s an uplifting hue that can make us feel optimistic and inquisitive. Beware of the wrong shades of yellow or too much in the wrong spaces – it can also impact us negatively, bringing up feelings of irrationality or anxiety. But used correctly, it can be just what your space needs to bring some much-needed happiness into our abode. This year, we’re seeing pops of it in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.


pantone greenery sofa

Of course, this was Pantone’s choice for Color of the Year and the color green can remind us of our connection with nature. This year, we’ve seen greens of nearly every shade touch our homes, from hunter to sage, olives and emeralds and everything in between. Some are calling it the ‘new indigo’ but we think it never really went out of style. Feeling brave? Consider a deep green sofa for the perfect punch of color in a neutral room. Less enthusiastic? Bring in houseplants of different varieties and welcome the outside indoors.

Sky Blue


This cheerful hue reminds us of the clearest skies in the warmest months. While blues of many different shades have been trending for a while, this particular shade is one of the most cheerful. Be sure to combine it with lots of natural textures to warm it up if it reads a little too cool but feel free to use it even on the ceiling to draw the eye up and paint outdoor frames and window frames for additional wow factor.


deep red mixed with blush pink

This may be a little controversial but we’re seeing more and more pops of red used in interiors these days. While it was used quite a lot in late 90’s, this rebirth is really more about using it in a luxe way – try it in a set of velvet throw pillows or paint your dining room chairs in this rich shade for added warmth. Consider a monochrome look, combining it with shades of berry and blush pink for a real style statement.


peach door and boho accents

This soft shade is set to take over where blush pink has left off. Once relegated to 1980’s style bathroom fixtures, it’s back again to lighten and warm up our homes. It combines beautifully with the greens that are also on trend and warmer rich shades and bohemian style textiles. Consider a simple change like a fresh new look to your front door for a subtle nod to this trend.


lilac walls new colours 2017

This soft shade is another that may be difficult to get right so stick to shades that tend more towards grey and the cooler side of the spectrum. Lilac can create a soft and soothing scheme for a bedroom or living room, especially when combined with complimentary shades of grey. Brighten it with warm golds or give it a little edge with black accents for an on-trend look this year.

Which colors are you loving this year so far? We’d love to hear from you!

Image Credits: Domino Magazine, Elle Decoration Sweden / Photo Patric Johansson / Styling Anna Ranung, Domino Magazine / Photo Nancy Neil / , SF Girl by Bay / Photo Joanna Henderson , Old Brand New, Elle Decoration Sweden

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