Bedroom Design Ideas For Couples

Relationships are all about compromise; from what to see at the movies to who’ll be doing the drive to the in-laws. But it’s not just everyday decisions that you’ll have to make sacrifices for – this extends to the look that you’ll decorate your home with, including your most intimate space, the bedroom.

Alto and Bevel bedroom range

Alto Bed & Bevel Nightstand

As the last and first place you both see every day, it’s important to achieve a design that both you and your partner love and can relax in. If your decor preferences often clash, it can be difficult choosing a look, but our post today will give your top tips on giving you both the chance to show off your personality when it comes to bedroom design.

The feel of the room

Bella bedroom range

Bella Bed & Bella Nightstand

Instead of insisting that you want to fill the room with florals or go all out with green, decide with your partner on what atmosphere and feeling you want the room to evoke. Do you want it to feel romantic? Be a space that is calm and relaxing? Or a room that is colorful and energetic? Discussing feelings and moods allows you and your partner to find some common ground on how you want the room to look.

The color schemes

Finding common ground extends to colors too. Painting the walls in neutral shades is always a safe bet, but if a room isn’t perfect without pinks, why not put accessories on your nightstand or drape a throw over your bed to add a splash of color instead?

Kemble bedroom range

Kemble Bed, Kemble Nightstand & Kemble Dresser

Continue building around neutral colors to represent his tastes too. Is he a fan of bold prints or quirky art pieces? Show off these in designs in photo frames on the wall. Compromising both your tastes this way means neither of you will feel overwhelmed with an overly masculine or feminine feel.

The visuals

French Farmhouse Range

French Farmhouse Bed, French Farmhouse Nightstand & French Farmhouse Dresser

Communication is key when it comes to joint decisions. The better you are at communicating, the fewer arguments there’ll be. Describing how you want something to look might only get you so far. If you want a shabby chic style vanity table, he might be imagining a rustic piece picked up off of the street. Scroll through Pinterest or flick through magazines and allow your partner to see exactly what it is your envisioning.

Start off big

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 French Farmhouse Bed & French Farmhouse Dresser

When it comes to compromising, it’s best to start off with the largest pieces of furniture like bed frames or armoires. Buy these in neutral colors and finishes and use these to build on your design. It’s much easier to build a rustic or country cottage decor look around one-off purchases that neither of you opposes, rather than swapping out large pieces you’ve invested in,

Choosing when to compromise

Tokyo Bedroom Range

Tokyo Bed, Tokyo Armoire, Tokyo Dresser

Once you’ve got the foundations of your room laid out, it starts to get tricky, but not impossible to bring both your ideas to life. If your partner is adamant on a television for the room, but you’re warming to the idea of a TV stand by the bed, allow him to pick the TV if you get to decide the piece that it gets placed on.

Similarly, if there’s a sentimental blanket that’s been handed down to him that you can’t stand the sight of, instead of having it on the bed, why not transform it into a cozy cushion or wall art instead? Think about how you can reuse or reinvent items into something you’ll both love

Admitting defeat

Bevel Bedroom Range

Bevel Bed, Bevel Nightstand & Bevel Armoire

It’s not always going to be as simple as you both agreeing to a proposed compromise, but remember the times he agreed to have dinner with your colleagues, or you offered to babysit his nieces and nephews instead of going out to eat – is it really worth fighting over? Sometimes you have to pick your battles and realize that if your partner isn’t going to enjoy living in a space you’ve created, it isn’t worth getting your own way for. It’s much better for both of you to have a harmonious room that can represent both your tastes.

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