9 DIY Halloween Centerpieces to Try

October; the fall colors out in full force, the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet, and the build up to that one night of the year: Halloween. It’s the perfect time to add some seasonal decor to home your that will give your guests a friendly fright. Whether it’s spooky ghosts dangling from the ceiling or glowing pumpkins scattered around your garden, everyone has their own way of creating their own boo-tiful Halloween atmosphere.

Simple and stylish, or going full scream ahead with your decorations, how are you going to host your Halloween dinner party this year? We love this time of year, so whatever your style, we’re sharing our top tips help you create the spookiest or most glamorous Halloween centrepiece to take the center stage in your dining room.

Combine weird with wonderful

Credit: @Oriental Trading

Much like the incredible ‘candy skull’ trend inspired by Mexico’s Festival Of The Dead, beautifying something terrifying will always work as a centrepiece Try giving an unnerving skull a fantastic flower up-do, or a creepy toy spider a lick of glitter.

If you prefer a subtle style, give your everyday home decor the pleasant down-do. Cover plants with cobwebs, or dangle bats from candles… who said you couldn’t trick and treat simultaneously?

Orange is the New Black

Credit: @candycanesforchristmas

You can’t beat a traditional color scheme – after all, it’s a classic for a reason! Whilst Christmas is saturated with red and green hues, Halloween’s has a lot more room for wild interpretation. Go all out vibrant with contrasting colors of orange and black. Not only will these bring liveliness to the room, but it will help you be more decisive when browsing the shopping mall clutter this Halloween. Sometimes simple works best, so think orange and black sweets in glass jars or orange and black DIY crepe paper bunting.

Go Dark and Dramatic

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One of the simplest, quickest and most effective ways to decorate your table for Halloween is to use cotton spider webs. These will work around any shape or object, but look their most spooky when draped around branches and filled with creepy crawlers.

What’s Halloween without a bit of blood? Try fake blood or red food dye and drip over your glassware or mirrors for another dimension of scary.

Mix It Up

Credit: @Ashley James

If you want a Halloween centrepiece that’s totally spooktacular, try rooting around to see what you can find at home. Not only will this save you having to splash the cash, but you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by the gems you find in your attic! Use an old scarf as your new Halloween table runner, put faded books under table places, or that haunting old stuffed toy you used to be terrified of you can now use as a centrepiece…

Light It Up

Credit: @Walshington Irving
Adding fairy lights to your dining room ensemble is an easy way to wow your guests, especially if you have some impressive decor you want to draw attention to. Soft orange lighting around branches, pumpkins and pinecones will work particularly well here, and best of all, these decor pieces are free if you can find them!

Dare to be different

Credit: @Drinkstuff

Forget carving faces or filling with flowers, use your pumpkin in a totally different way for a Halloween centrepiece. The only limit is your creativity! Try hollowing one and using it as a drink dispenser, or fill it with ice and use it as a drink cooler. See some awesome DIY pumpkin decorating ideas here.

Gold Vibes

Credit: @Magdy Salazar

Drawn to the glimmer of gold and silver? Then Halloween is the perfect time to bring out your inner King Midas. Skeletons, skulls, witches, gravestones… all of those scary symbols will look dazzling with a coat of gold.

Monochrome and Minimal Halloween

Credit: @Audrey Crisp

A simple and sophisticated way to celebrate Halloween is to use monochrome. Simply slip a white tablecloth over your dining room table and overlay it with a few glossy black Halloween accessories. Try using some cobweb placemats, Halloween jar candles or scatter a few plastic bats to complete the look.

Credit: @Botanical Stylist®

A Halloween centrepiece can really set the tone for your Halloween dinner, creating a sense of both fun and fear for your guests to enjoy.

Think your centrepiece is particularly fang-tastic? We’d love to see it! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook!

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