7 Unconventional Christmas Trees You Have To Try!

That fresh scent of pine, and the vibrant green against rich golds and reds… is there anything that sums up the most festive time of the year better than the beloved Christmas tree? Well, as a matter of fact, yes! A more modern approach to a classic – creating alternative Christmas trees – is a trend that’s been successfully making its way through the stylish crowds and into trendy homes.

Sure, nothing beats the falling needles of a real tree, but perhaps you’re struggling on space? Or maybe you’ll be battling with the kids on the color scheme this year? If this sounds all too true for you, now is the perfect opportunity add a second tree or introduce a totally different style in your home.

Creative Christmas Trees For Small Spaces

creative tree

Use decor you already own to work upwards on your wall instead of filling floor space, creating a feature wall reminiscent of the traditional tree shape. Ornaments can easily be removed or changed depending on how festive you’re feeling this year! Plus, it makes a great talking point for any guests this holiday season.

Diy Book Christmas Tree


If you’re a self-confessed bookworm, show off your collection this season and create a tree-inspired book display! You could arrange it by cover color scheme or alphabetically for your eagle-eyed guests, and complete the look with string lights wrapped all the way around to meet the top of the tree.

Use Your Chalkboard

chalkboard tree

Super simple but super effective, try drawing your very own Christmas tree! Use chalkboard paint to cover the area you want your tree to sit, and let the creativity flow from your hands. It’s the perfect solution to creating entertainment for your children and stop them from drawing all over the walls instead…

Christmas In A Vase

Tree in a Vase

If you’d prefer the post-Christmas clean to be simple and effortless, try this alternative. Find stray twigs and branches from pine trees that have survived, pose them in your special vase, and accessorize with Christmas decorations worth showing off. It’s a space-saving solution, budget-friendly and a unique way to celebrate this holiday season.

A Needle-free Tree

Plant a needless tree

For a tidy option, use a needleless tree as your festival focal point this holiday. If your home fits the popular Farmhouse rustic aesthetic, this is a simple look worthy of your guests’ attention. Stay in the neutral color scheme with brown paper wrapping and white Scandi candles, If you don’t want to stray too far from the traditional, incorporate some Christmas color with red apples or oranges to truly bring the outside in.

Scandi Style Wooden Christmas Tree

Wooden tree

One that will last you years to come, try out a Scandi style wooden tree this year. Whether you find one to buy or upcycle your own, keep the decor simple. A minimal color scheme means the look you create will be both striking and effective.

Diy Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

Pallet tree

It’s time to get the tools out to truly embrace an inexpensive but individual DIY look this season. With a wood pallet tree, you’ve got free reign to choose how tall or small you want it to be. Use deep red baubles combined with charming wilted plants to wrap around the panels to really give your home that rustic feel, or if you’re running out of wall space to display your Christmas cards, this tree is the perfect solution to hold your greetings.

No home is complete without a Christmas tree – that’s a fact! Which alternative option will you choose this year? Let us know over on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Image Credits: Christmaholic, Family Sponge, Marquettelaree, Oh Mai Darling, Elle Decoration, HG TV


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