7 Things Every Stylish Dining Room Needs

Is your dining room feeling a little unloved these days? Perhaps you and your family find yourself eating your evening meals in the kitchen or on your laps in the living room, neglecting the large space meant just for eating and entertaining. If you’re thinking about having friends and family in your home for the upcoming holidays, you may be feeling slightly panicked or you may not know where to start. The good news is that you don’t have to change everything – but you might want to make some practical changes to give it an injection of style, just in time for entertaining.

If you love the look of gorgeous dining rooms you see in magazines or online, then you’re in luck. The truth is, it’s not that difficult to get huge style in your dining room with the addition of a few added extras and these 7 items are ones that no stylish dining room should do without.

Wow Factor Art

art in dining room

The addition of a piece of art can change the whole look of a space. If you have a large empty wall, desperate for decor, consider a large statement making framed print or canvas to add color and life to your scheme. If you can’t make the investment, consider blowing up a favorite photograph at the printers or purchase a large piece of canvas and create your own abstract using the same palette as your space for pulled together style.

Great Lighting

dining room lighting

If there’s one area in your home that you get away with an over-scaled piece, it’s your dining room lighting. It’s far better to have something slightly too big above the table than slightly too small. You can choose a vintage piece to contrast with a more contemporary setting or consider something more modern for an older property. The contrast will make a statement and serve as a conversation piece for dinner parties. Just be sure to put it on a dimmer so you can control just how much light it creates. You don’t want to feel like you’re enjoying your meal under interrogation!

Plants and Flowers

plants table setting

Every room will benefit from the addition of either houseplants or flowers (or both!) so don’t scrimp on your greenery in the dining room. You can even use plants as a makeshift table centerpiece as I did in my dining room above. If you have a sunny window, create a little indoor garden and bring the outdoors in by lining various sized plants in front of it or go for a boho vibe with some hanging macrame planters.

A Beautiful Rug

dining room with vintage rug

One of the easiest ways to create big impact is with a large area rug under the table to bring in pattern, texture or color. Remember to always go larger for a dining room rug. You should be able to comfortably move the chairs out to sit in them with the chair still on the rug. If you are worried about spills or stains, consider a low-pile rug that can easily be spot cleaned in case of accidents or a patterned rug that will hide any mishaps! You’ll also want to use a rug underlay to ensure any furniture doesn’t damage the rug or the floors beneath.

A Buffet or Hutch

large display hutch

What better way to display your favourite china and glasses than with pieces that are meant to look great and offer practical storage and style as well? A well stocked hutch or a gorgeous buffet are the perfect accompaniment to your table and chairs and we’ve got a huge selection to choose from. When entertaining, you can use the additional surfaces to serve food or drink and when it’s not in use, you can display some of your favourite items.

A Bar Cart

stylish bar cart

No stylish dining room these days should be without a small area dedicated to entertaining and the addition of a bar cart will show you’ve got your finger on the pulse of interior trends. Choose something simple to compliment your existing pieces, a vintage piece found on Craigslist or the flea market or something contemporary to give mid-century style a thoroughly modern update.

Personal Touches

dining room styling

And finally, be sure to bring some personality to your space with objects that share a little of yourself with your guests. You can consider framing old family pictures or displaying finds picked up on your travels. A few hardback books on your sideboard will also go a long way in sharing what your interests are and give your guests something to flip through while waiting for the meal prep.

If you’re considering a total revamp of your dining room, we have a huge selection of dining chairs and tables with special prices on sets. Why not have a look today?

How do you style your dining room? We’d love to see! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, InstagramFacebook for all the latest home decor updates!



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