7 Stylish Storage Solutions & Inspiration

Have you ever spent so much time tidying your house – squeezing things into your drawers like a game of Tetris, perfectly balancing your stacked items like a game of Jenga – only to find that it looks messy again in an instant? Often the root cause is a lack of storage. If you’re stuck with spaces to hide that clutter, it just aimlessly hops around from room to room with nowhere to go.

No matter what the size, the right additional storage space can make any room feel more spacious. Storage doesn’t need to be something to hide either. There are some beautiful pieces that are both beautiful and practical!

So, if you’re stuck in a rut and in need of some storage solutions, fear not! You’ve got plenty of options. Check out our most stylish storage solutions for a range of helpful ideas.

Table Storage Ideas

What’s a house without a table? A table is often a substantial piece of furniture, so make it work hard and swap out your standard coffee table or dining table for one with some nifty storage. Find one with a shelf or two to give you the freedom to store away those spare coasters or coffee table reads.  

mantis light coffee table

Source: Oak Furniture Land Mantis Light Collection

TV Stand with Storage

TV stands aren’t a reinvention of the wheel, but if you’re looking for something chic and functional, a solid stand over a glass unit will work wonders. That way you can have something stylish that still hides the tangled cords and cables, children’s toys or your family’s extended blu-ray collection.

st ives painted tv cabinet

Source: Oak Furniture Land St Ives Collection

A hostess with the most-est? Nesting tables, though not necessarily a storage solution, works as a great space saver if you’re often entertaining but lacking the space for numerous side tables.

manor house nest of tables

Source: Oak Furniture Land Manor House Collection

Corners and Alcoves

Almost every home will have that odd corner or that unusual small bit of space that you’re bewildered what to do with it. The solution? Embrace it! Custom shelving units can make a huge difference to your walls and provide you with a lot more space for storing bits and pieces, or some dainty decor.

quercus bookshelf

Source: Oak Furniture Land Quercus Collection

Depending on the size of your space, you might just find the perfect piece of furniture that slots right in. Bookshelves and display cabinets always seem to find a way to fit into these sorts of spots, particularly if you’re renting and need something you can easily leave with whenever you do.

bevel display cabinet

Source: Oak Furniture Land Bevel Collection


Vertical storage

If you can’t go out, go up! Show off your never-ending book collection with bookshelves, or use display units to get creative and provide a little corner of lush greenery. You’ve got the complete freedom to personalize and make it perfect for you.

mantis light display unit

Source: Oak Furniture Land Mantis Light Collection


Entryway storage ideas

First impressions count. Your entryway is the first chance you get to make a great impression on any guests you invite in. Don’t let those rogue shoes, piles of keys or dumped bags clutter up your hallway. Benches with shoe storage, hall racks with shelves, storage cabinets or console tables are pieces to utilize in your home – ideal for keeping that entryway immaculate.

country cottage sideboard

Source: Oak Furniture Land Country Cottage Collection


A treasure chest

If you’re a shameless shopaholic and your closets and drawers are filled with never-been-worn clothes or your infinite shoe and handbag collection, consider adding a chest to your bedroom. Not only are they great for storing your excess stuff, but it’s super easy to drop items in that you don’t have time to put away when there is a surprise visit.

As an added bonus, it can also work as additional seating. Need more convincing? Why not take a look at our 8 clever blanket chest ideas.

Hutch inspiration

Investing in a hutch will not only provide you with additional storage to hideaway any flatware, table linen and tableware, but it’s a fantastic piece of furniture for displaying your favourite things. Need some inspiration? Take a look at our blog post on how to style your hutch.

orrick styled dining room

Source: Oak Furniture Land Orrick Collection

Have you got any super stylish storage ideas or advice? Let us know! Head on over to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to say hello and share your top tips!

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