7 Items You Need For The Perfect Bar Cart Style

Some things that are vintage and retro will just never go out of style. Bringing to mind Great Gatsby style parties, bar carts have been de rigueur for any self-respecting socialite for a year or so now – just as beautiful as they are functional!

But how should you style these pieces? Or, if perhaps you don’t have a bar cart of your own, can you get the look without splashing out on one? Of course you can! Just style up your sideboard or console table with a few of these clever tricks and you’ll have some bar cart chic in your home in no time. Wanna know how to get the look? Just keep reading…



bar area with vintage glasses

Glassware is a crucial component of a good bar cart, and you’ll need a mix of a few different styles. Don’t worry about stocking up on every imaginable style – take your usual favorite type of glassware, and then add one or two other varieties. Consider mixing white and red wine glasses, champagne flutes, bourbon glasses and even vintage glassware. Have a root around some local thrift stores or antique shops to see what you can find.

Extraordinary bottles

dressed bar tray

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably always tempted to buy the most beautiful bottle of alcohol on offer, but end up opting instead for an old favorite or a cheaper alternative. Luckily, a bar cart provides the perfect excuse to buy as many pretty bottles as you can! Look for bright blue glass or more rustic styles – whatever you think will look appealing and provide an interesting contrast. It’s a good opportunity to go looking!

A cocktail shaker

small bar area

No self-respecting bar cart is complete without a good cocktail shaker. How else will you mix up your signature drink? There are so many available now in all manner of stores, and are a key way to make your bar cart look professional – no matter the price bracket.

Something non-alcoholic

feminine bar cart

There’s nothing worse than being the designated driver and ending up just drinking tap water all night. A truly perfect bar cart will cater to as many guests as possible, so try to include a few bottles of sparkling water or perhaps your favorite fruit drinks. These can also work wonders for adding a dash of color to the mix.

Something living

bar cart with plants

We’re a fan of adding freshness to a cart through flowers or plants – doesn’t it just look lovely? You don’t necessarily need an expensive bouquet – simply add a few blooms or a small succulent to add an organic touch to your arrangement.

A bit of art or some books

books on a bar cart

These might not be the most obvious additions, but the best bar carts often included small pieces of art or well-chosen books stacked artfully around. These little additions add color, height and variety to your display, so try incorporating a few clever elements. Bonus points for cocktail themed books!

A champagne or ice bucket

brass bar cart with ice bucket

Make it clear that you’re ready to get the party started with a beautiful champagne bucket on display. Use it to store ice when there are no bottles of bubbly around, and they’ll be perfect for allowing guests to mix their own beverages without heading to the freezer.

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