7 Color Blocking Wall Ideas

Paint remains one of the easiest ways to change the dynamic of a room. Want to go bold and bright or soft and natural? Perhaps dark and moody is more your style? No matter what your favorite look, painting your walls can create a theme that makes a room worth living in. But why limit yourself to just one color? Color blocking is back on trend this year and there is almost no limit to what you can do when combining your favorite hues.

Today’s post features 7 new ideas for color blocking that will spark your creativity and inspire you to adopt this trend in your own home.

Fake a Chair Rail

Little Green Half Painted Wall
Little Green Paint Company

The half-wall is probably one of the most popular ways to use color blocking in your home. In our example above, a panelled wall features a soft natural paint color married to a deeper rust on the bottom which creates both a chair rail effect as well as a headboard. You could take things further by painting your doors in the same way or painting out your skirting boards and architectural details in the same shades as the walls for an on-trend look.

No Art? No Problem

Paint and Paper Library Colour Block Art
Paint and Paper Library

If you have a large blank wall that needs some interest, why not create a triptych of color using paint instead? In our example above, 3 deeper shades are combined to create an interesting focal point for a large space. Use painter’s tape and a laser level to mark out each color and ensure each color is fully dry before moving on to the next.

Dynamic Lines

Color Block Wall Mural
Murals Wallpaper

If you are looking to add high-energy to a space, then a bold dynamic feature wall in color blocks may be just what’s needed. Use softer colors for a more subtle effect or choose bold brights for a fun, vibrant look. In our example above, a wall mural is used to imitate the look but this can easily be achieved with a few small pots of paint in your favorite tonal shades.

Highlight a Nook

First Sense Interiors Kids Reading Nook
First Sense Interiors

If you have a small nook in your home, why not highlight it by giving it a paint block makeover? We love how Meera of First Sense created a child’s reading nook using bright white paint and a soft grey stripe to create contrast with the deep indigo walls that surround it.

Expand a Wall

2LG Studio

If you have a smaller space, follow the lead of 2LG Studio by wrapping the paint partially around an adjoining wall. By highlighting this kitchen in a pale blue shade and using the same shade on only part of the dining room wall, the result is a kitchen that looks bigger than it is. We also love how the floating shelves were painted in the same color, allowing your eye to take in the whole scheme and creating continuity.

The Fifth Wall

Colour block walls and ceiling
Sarah Awkisombe

Of course, we can’t forget the ceiling! Color blocking takes on new life when both walls and ceilings are painted in contrasting shades. In Sarah Akwisombe’s bold bright living room seen above, the ceilings are pink, contrasting against lime green in the adjoining hallway. The color block theme is carried over to vivid furniture and artwork creating a cohesive bold theme with lots of energy and interest.

Add Curves

Dulux Heartwood Colour Blocking

And finally, it certainly doesn’t have to be angles and straight lines when it comes to color blocking in your interiors. Why not free-hand circular forms and paint them out in contrasting shades for a fun look that’s easy to execute? Every room needs some curved forms to soften the straight, hard lines we find in most rooms. The organic shapes are a nice touch, creating movement and form without breaking the bank.


Will you be using color blocking in your interiors this year? Which idea is your favorite? We’d love to see how you’re adopting this trend in your own home! Tag us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram!



Image Credits: First Sense Interiors, Little Green Paint Company, Paint and Paper Library, Murals Wallpaper, 2LG Studio, Sarah Akwisombe, Dulux

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