25 Ideas To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Spring is well and truly here – the flowers are blooming, baby animals are being born and the clocks have now changed! Is it just us, or does everyone have a little extra ‘Spring’ in their step?

Brighter and lighter days can make us look at our houses with new eyes. All of a sudden, dreary corners, grubby windows and dated accessories seem so much uglier than they did before. Spring is all about renewal and rebirth, so it makes sense that we’re all looking to refresh our living situations at this time of year.

But don’t worry! You don’t need to invest in big pieces or repaint the entire house to bring your home back to life. This super-simple list of quick and easy trips will liven up your home just in time for the new season. They’re easy to achieve and can be done either by yourself or with the family in town – why not make a weekend of it?

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1. Pick up a new vase and fill it to the brim with a mixture of all your favorite flowers. Tulips and daffodils are particularly lovely this time of year.

2. Spring cleaning is a must! Declutter your home for Spring with our guide.

3. Whilst doing your grocery shopping this week, treat yourself to a stack of brand new interior design magazines. Settle in to do some research & decide your favorite trends.

4. Write yourself a to-do list of the main areas in your home that need a little extra TLC, so that it feels manageable.

5. Don’t plan to do everything this Spring. Decide which rooms can wait until later in the year.

6. Move one room at a time – don’t rush the process!

7. Swap out your heavy, winter curtains for some lighter fabric such as cotton or linen.

8. Embrace patterns and color. Banish beige pillows to the cupboards and pick up some bright cushions instead.

Caitlin Wilson designs

9. Be inspired by the above photo to rearrange your accessories, creating little vignettes with small pops of color.

10. Treat your bed (and yourself) to a fresh set of cotton sheets which will perfectly lighten up your bedroom.


Fresh duvet

11. Think about some of your favorite springtime trends – maybe pastels, metallics, or florals? Have that in mind when you’re out shopping and pick up some accessories in that style.

12. Mirrors are fantastic for bouncing springtime sunshine around a room and making it appear bigger.

13. Get green-fingered! Pot some plants (such as promises) and leave them outside your porch, brightening up the entrance to your house.

14. Think outside of the box, and the house. Grab a broom and sweep up any dead leaves or debris from the winter winds.

15. Spring is the perfect time to get crafty, so check out some DIY home accessories on Pinterest.

16. Succulents are the perfect way to inject low-maintenance greenery into your home.


succulents display

17. Rose gold and copper are going nowhere fast, and look lovely in the brighter days of Spring. Embrace the trend!

18. Cotton rugs are great alternatives to heavier woollen fabrics. See if you can find a new one for Spring.

19. Storage is your friend, especially if you’re still dealing with Christmas toys left around the house. Why not check out our range of dressers, or blanket chests?

20. Don’t be afraid to let go of the old. If you don’t use something for 3 days or more – get rid of it!

21. A lick of fresh paint can make a world of difference – it’s like doing the vacuuming, but for your walls.


Spring interiors

22. A Springtime centerpiece is a lovely thing to do for your tablescape, especially around Easter.

23. Colorful art or a fun wall display is a great way to bring life into your home.

24. Yellow is THE color for Spring! Find new ways to incorporate it in your home. Maybe a lamp?

25. Wallpaper is the perfect way to bring colorful, Springtime patterns into your house – even if it’s just one wall.

Image Credits: Hema, Digs Digs, Caitlin Wilson, Urban Outfitters, IDA Lifestyle Interiors

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