The 2017 Trends You Need for Your Home Now

Happy New Year! Did you have a fantastic break? It may already seem a distant memory now but the new year will afford you the opportunity to look ahead and hopefully you’ve made a few New Year resolutions for your home (check out our tips on deciding your priorities here). If you love following the latest trends and are itching for a new look for your surroundings this year, then my post today will share a few of the things that are going to be hot this year in the world of interiors.

Farmhouse Style


One of the biggest trends of 2016 that certainly isn’t going anywhere this year is the Farmhouse style we have come to love. It’s inviting and warm using lots of natural materials and has enjoyed mass popularity thanks to a certain HGTV hit show. Even if you don’t live in a shiplap cottage, you can still incorporate this look with rustic finishes and high-quality wood furniture.

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Moody Paint Treatments

home office with black walls

We’ve seen an influx of darker colors used on the walls and this is another trend that’s only going to get bigger in 2017. Enveloping and cozy, dark shades wrap around us and have the ability to make any room moodier and mysterious. Use bold pops of color or natural textures as well as lots of light sources to really make the most of this trend.

English Country


From roll top arm sofas to natural wood beams and updated floral fabrics, we’re seeing a resurgence of all things from across the pond this year. The popularity of programs like Downton Abbey and Sherlock may be responsible but we can’t get enough of this wholesome and timeless look.

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handcrafted diy kitchen

With technology influencing nearly every part of our lives, it seems we are yearning for a simpler time when artisans crafted items with their own two hands. We’re seeing so many beautiful items from makers that are made by hand, from hand-knotted rugs to ceramics in organic shapes and more, with beautiful imperfections that evidence the hand of the maker involved.

Warm Earthy Tones

velvet cushions in earthy colours

Move over bold hues, we’re seeing more and more of a return to warm, natural shades of mustard yellow, olive, taupe, deep forest greens and even cinnamon and rust shades. Once a mainstay in the 70’s, the bohemian influences in design have made these colors popular again. Try one of these shades in velvet and hit two trends at once.

Natural Wood Finishes


Thankfully, the days of heavily lacquered wood pieces in orange-y tones is finally over. A return to natural wood is all the rage this year which will provide a warm and natural look and allow the grain to shine. Thankfully, you can be certain that these kinds of pieces rarely go out of style and bring a bit of the outdoors in. Want to go one step further? Combine these natural wood tones with other eco-materials like cork, bamboo or cement and lots of plants for chic style.

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Reflective Finishes


And finally, we’ll be seeing a lot of reflective finishes this year from iridescent finishes and colored glass to mirror and pearl inlay alongside gold and brass. All of these materials will make the most out of natural light, bouncing it around a room and seeming to glow from within when the light hits it.

Which trends will you be adopting this year in your home?

Image Credits: Domino / Photo by Morgan Levy, Mademoiselle Poirot , Kirsten Hecktermann, Classicon

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