5 Ideas For Decorating Your Master Bedroom

Your bedroom can be a tricky room to decorate. It’s often the most personal space in your home; a place where you can feel at your most comfortable and most relaxed. But even the smallest design mistake, whether it’s color, styling or furniture, can make you want to avoid spending time in its still atmosphere. If you’re struggling to think about what you can do to give your room a refresh and create the perfect bedroom atmosphere, here are our favourite decor looks to help inspire you.

manor house bedroom

Source: Oak Furniture Land Manor House Collection

Traditional Master Bedroom Ideas

Think Jane Austen, english renaissance, antique accessories and country house home decor. Traditional styling can be infused into any style of property but tends to work especially well in larger spaces, due to the size of some of the traditional pieces.

To recreate this look you’ll need dark stained oak furniture, saturated and moody hues, oil canvases and beautiful cornicing and detailing. Want to work this look in smaller spaces? Keep the walls light and choose a few feature pieces instead. For a twist, try mixing modern pieces with vintage style furniture to get a modern and timeless infusion.

victoria bedroom furniture

Source: Oak Furniture Land Manor House Collection

French country home decor

Beautiful and inviting, the style of country french decor creates the perfect balance between an elegant and calming master bedroom. The feminine but not overly twee or girly look of the French country style, lends itself well to a number of colors, wallpaper styles and contemporary accessories. For top tips on creating the French country look, take a look at our blog.

bella collection bedroom furniture

Source: Oak Furniture Land Bella Collection

Set the mood: Your color personality

If you’re not sure what style you prefer, why not style your room around your favorite color? Your chosen color can make the biggest difference on the mood of the room, so consider how you want it to feel. Greys, blues and off whites can invoke a sense of calm and serene, but in a light space, can seem cold or cool depending on how light your space is. To inject some vibrancy or energy into the room, opt for bold greens, yellows and reds, or even pops of bright pastels.

bevel and alto collections combined

Source: Oak Furniture Land Alto Collection

Not sure what color to choose? Try a color quiz for some quick inspiration! Want to know what colors are going to be popular this year? Take a look at our trends blog post.

bevel bedroom furniture

Source: Oak Furniture Land Bevel Collection


Minimalist Styling

Nothing beats that feeling of retreating into a beautifully crisp & clean room. Think like a designer and embrace white space; keep accessories and trinkets to a minimum and use your furniture as a feature of the room. Worried about where to store all of your clutter? Take a look at our smart ways to store your things with a blanket chest.

kemble bedroom set

Source: Oak Furniture Land Kemble Collection

Multifunctional Decor Inspiration

If you’re short on rooms, why not make your bedroom a multifunctional space? Divide your bedroom to give you a corner to work in, or a dressing area or cozy nook for reading. Semi-transparent curtains or color block areas puts in a semi-permanent divider to help visually inspire a clear divide so you can really knuckle down and work away.

st ives bedroom furniture in situ

Source: Oak Furniture Land St Ives Collection

Stuck with a small master bedroom? Fear not! Just because you’re short on space, doesn’t mean you have to shortcut a beautifully styled bedroom. Take a look at some of our top tips.

However you choose to style your bedroom, style it to make you happy and enjoy the room that much more. There’s no point following the latest trends or looks if you don’t get a functional and beautiful space you love.

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