How to Style the Original Rustic Range

There’s little wonder why our Original Rustic range is one of the most loved and most popular ranges on the Oak Furniture Land website. Like all our furniture, it’s beautifully designed to last and made with real oak, of course. But we like to think that it’s classic good looks and timeless appeal are the reason that so many of our customers love it.

If you’ve purchased or are considering purchasing a piece from this range, our guide to styling it should come in handy. While beautiful furniture will always make things easier in terms of creating a beautifully styled room, choosing with care the items you style around it will always show it off in it’s best light.

In the dining room

Original Rustic Range dining room from Oak Furniture Land

With a warm rich stain that brings out the grain in the wood, consider contrasting the effect of a dining room table and chairs with soft colours and textures. A rug underfoot that’s big enough so the chairs can be pulled out and still be on the rug will give the room a grander scale and curtains that reach the floor will add a touch of softness to the room.

Original Rustic Range dining room from Oak Furniture Land

On the table, a few simple items to add life are all that are required. Consider a vase of blooms picked from your backyard or a bowl of fruit to make healthy snacking convenient.

Original Rustic Range dining room from Oak Furniture Land

If you have a hutch, a sideboard or buffet, your most treasured dishes and glasses can be displayed as a collection along with books or objects that reflect your personality. Consider flowers or plants as well as cookbooks or treasured objects to show off your personality.

In the living room

Original Rustic range living room from Oak Furniture Land

With so many pieces to choose from, the Original Rustic range has you covered in the living room as well. Start with the coffee table, making sure it’s not just a depository for the remote control. Draw attention to the area with a display that reflects the style carried over in the rest of the room. Consider using a tray to corral smaller items or a stack of your favourite coffee table books. Vary the heights of the items you choose so consider a tall vase with flowers, a short stack of books and a candle or two to add ambience.

Original Rustic range living room from Oak Furniture Land

For a bookshelf, allow a little room between stacks of books for some personal and display items. Consider things like baskets and bowls, small framed art or family photos and smaller items you may have picked up on your travels to punctuate the books throughout the shelves. Consider adding a few smaller trailing plants as well which will add a bit of life to any space.

Original Rustic Range Oak Furniture Land Bookshelf styling

If you have a side table, then a table lamp to add a pool of light or a task lamp for reading and relaxing will be a great start. A pretty coaster will become an invitation to relax a while with a cup of coffee and a book or magazine will also be a welcome addition.

In the bedroom

Original Rustic Range Oak Furniture Land bedroom styling

Your Original Rustic bed will always be the star of your bedroom. Consider using one large piece of art above the bed to draw the eye or use a stylish wallpaper to create a feature wall behind it. Dress the bed simply with a few throw cushions that pull in the colours you’ve chosen and perhaps a throw with a great texture to lay at the end of the bed. Consider a soft rug at the side of your bed for a bit of comfort first thing in the morning.

Original Rustic Range Oak Furniture Land bedroom styling

A matching set of nightstands will complete the look but be sure to style those a little as well. A matching set of table lamps, a few books, a small vase of blooms and perhaps a small bowl or tray to catch your jewelry will finish it off stylishly.

Original Rustic Range Oak Furniture Land bedroom styling

For your dresser, consider another lamp that will add soft pools of light to your space and dress up the surface with a jewelry holder, a mirror, some picture frames or a few plants or flowers.

As you can see, our Original Rustic range can be dressed up to suit your own personal style with a few added touches. Be sure to check out our full range of Original Rustic furniture for every room in the home which will mix and match effortlessly throughout.

We’d love to know how you’ve been styling your own Original Rustic range! Do let us know in the comments!


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