How to Set a Romantic Table for Two

Of course, we love dining out at a fancy restaurant from time to time but sometimes treating our loved ones in our own homes can be so much more romantic. After all, getting reservations on Valentine’s Day is normally a difficult affair and who wants to be rushed through their meal when they get there? Instead, consider the romance of a home-cooked meal complete with a beautiful setting to really show your loved one how much they mean to you.


No matter what you decide to make, the presentation of what you serve often goes a long way. Think about it this way: Any chef worth his or her salt wouldn’t even dream of serving the food they have skillfully prepared on paper plates with plastic knives and forks. Even though the taste of their food would be unchanged, the entire experience would feel cheapened and wouldn’t reflect the time and attention the food has taken. Even if you are not a world-class chef, you have spent time and energy preparing your food and so your setting should also reflect that care and attention.

Whether you are looking to surprise your special someone this Valentine’s Day or you are simply looking for some ideas on creating a romantic look at any time of year, here are our top tips to making sure your dinner hits all the right notes with a beautiful setting to go along with it.

The Table and Chairs

Galway Natural Solid Oak Dining Set
Galway Natural Solid Oak Dining Set

Of course, a romantic table setting will require, at the absolute minimum, a table and some chairs. If you want to create something special, however, we’d recommend using quality materials like our natural solid oak dining tables which come in a myriad of sizes. This means your table will be a stable and sturdy base for your setting and create the perfect backdrop to your meal. Comfy chairs are a must as well. We particularly love these natural fabric high back chairs which providing hours of support. After all, long conversations and lingering looks are far easier when neither of you is thinking how much your back hurts!


Romantic Table Setting
Eighteenth Avenue Events / One Eleven East / Sarah Goss Photography via 100 Layer Cake

While you may assume you have to stick with red roses for Valentine’s Day, there is certainly no rule that says this is the only flower to choose from. Blousy pale peonies, bunches of hydrangeas, exotic lilies, soft pinks and peach blooms and even deep burgundy or plum colors can all work beautifully to set a romantic mood. If red roses aren’t you or your partner’s favorite, then think outside the box and create a stunning display with something a little more interesting and creative.


Now that you have your table, chairs and flowers, it’s time to bring on the candlelight, an absolute must when it comes to creating a romantic environment and a trick restaurants the world over have been using for years. Universally flattering, candlelight creates intimacy and a feeling of calm and looks far more romantic than a bright light blazing overhead! Dim the lights and dot votive candle holders along the length of your table or group taper candles in multiples in the middle of your dining table.


Swoon Worthy Romantic Valentines Day Breakfast
Swoon Worthy

While a linen tablecloth is a nice touch, it isn’t entirely necessary. However, that doesn’t mean the table should just be bare with a couple of plates laying on top. Layering textiles add softness to a table so if you are skipping out on the formality of a tablecloth, consider using a runner down the centre of the table and using decorative chargers under your plates. Skip out on the paper napkins too. Good quality linen or cotton napkins will create a more formal look but you don’t have to stick with pure white. Add some color or texture to your table with soft pinks, peaches, deep berry colors or a soft neutral fabric in taupe or grey. Finish them off with a simple napkin ring for the final polish on your setting.

China and Silverware

Casie Marie Photography / Tickled Pink Weddings / Porch Therapy via Ruffled

Your plates certainly don’t have to be expensive and sometimes simple really is best. Plain white plates are classic and often show off food in its best light. If you want to dress up the table further, consider interesting side plates in more organic and natural shapes and textures to play off plain dinner plates to add some interest to your setting. You might also want to consider silverware in other colors. Look out for gold, matte black, rose gold or even iridescent designs to give your table some wow factor.


Now all that there is left to do is put on some romantic tunes and enjoy your romantic meal with your special someone! How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?

Image Credits: 100 Layer Cake, Swoon Worthy, Ruffled Blog

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