How To Mix And Match Furniture

The ‘mix and match’ look isn’t the easiest to pull off. While we’re happy that the ‘model home’ aesthetic seems to have passed, how do you achieve the effortless look you see in magazines and on Pinterest without your home looking like the remnants of a rummage sale?

The great thing about this kind of styling is that you don’t have to go out and splash the cash on shiny new things. Use what you already have! All you need to do is think like a designer, take a step back and figure out how you can link different pieces of furniture together harmoniously.

We’ve put together some ideas to help you mix and match the old and the new, and breathe new life into your furniture. That antique piece that has been handed down through the generations but doesn’t really suit your style doesn’t have to be hidden away – learn how to make it pop!

Same same but different…

bevel and alto collections combined

The downfall of wanting everything to be matchy matchy is that generally you need to buy all the furniture at the same time and in the same range, especially if it’s hardwood furniture.  Fear not! This is easily avoidable by just bearing in mind the style of what you’ve already got.

Stuck with furniture from two completely different collections? Scared about accidentally achieving the antique shop look? Just pair up pieces with similar color schemes to create a seamless style. Though different in appearance, the colors and grain of our Alto bed and Bevel nightstand make for a picture perfect combination together.

Color play

color pop style living room

One of the most common design struggles is knowing how to cohesively bring in crazy colors and pretty patterns together in a room. With every piece of furniture being a very different style, something as simple as matching the legs of the seats with the grain of the bookcase means that you and your guests’ eyes naturally link everything together. This means you can play around with the more unique details and let your personality shine through.

When it comes to color palettes, don’t be afraid to be daring. Pastel shades with warm undertones work wonders with our collection. These shades give you the freedom to experiment more with pieces of decor and soft furnishings.

Make a contrast

orrick desk paired with kemble chair for study

Have that one distinctive piece of furniture that you love oh so dearly? Make it a feature of the room by introducing a contrast. The gray putty shade of our Kemble chair pairs peacefully with the natural grain of the Orrick desk without detracting from it.

A feature piece that contrasts the whole room is always a tempting idea, but instead, use the furniture to decide the color schemes. A light gray accent chair means quirky patterns and accessories in shades of gray can complement each other.

kemble dining set with hardwood bench

Even the smallest similarities can bring the biggest pieces of mis-matched furniture together. Whether it’s patterns or color schemes, you want cohesion, not chaos. Look for accents or finishes that can be coupled off with each other and accessorize with decor that matches the palette for a really effective look.

Be bold!

hardwood dining table

The key to perfecting the mix and match look is to consider every piece you own. If you’ve got gorgeous green chairs, paint certain areas of the room the same shade. Blessed with a black wood burner? Black furniture will make these features of your home really glow. Highlighting these qualities will make the look feel more styled than haphazard.

When it comes to mixing up your furniture, be bold! Experiment a little and see what wonders you can come up with. The beauty of mixing and matching is that you’re creating something that is truly unique and personal to you.

Whether it’s your bedroom, dining room or bathroom – the possibilities are endless! What better way for your home to tell a story than by letting go of strict interior design themes and working with your own personal style? If you’re feeling inspired to give it a go, show us what you come up with by tagging us on Instagram!

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