How to Make Your Home Cozier This Winter

The crackling sound of the wood burner, the smell of cinnamon warming the air, and sumptuous soft throws making their way out of the blanket chests. Winter is the perfect time to invest in some cozy interiors to warm your home and help make you feel super snug for the next few months.

With a few simple swaps and some easy changes, here are 7 ways you can cozy up your home this winter.


It’s time to put away the crisp white cotton and sweet scented candles. Your bedroom is the most crucial space to keep warm, so bring in some minor changes to help keep it comfy and homely this winter. Make the switch and change to a thicker set of sheets, extra pillows, and double up on throws. Then at the end of the day, you can just climb into your bed, hunker down under your comforter, unwind, and relax.


The smallest details can make the biggest differences, and something as simple as a transforming the textures in your room, whether it’s wool or velvet, can keep you comfortable throughout the coldest season. Wool will work wonders in a rustic style home, whereas velvet is perfect for an elegant interior.


Just because it’s dark and dreary outside, doesn’t mean it needs to be inside too! Stray away from navy and charcoal shades and go for blush or terracotta hues to help lift the light in your room. Alternatively, choose accessories in warm, rich colors like plum or scarlet to create a more intimate and cozy atmosphere.

If your home is filled with wooden floors that feel a little bare in winter, there’s a simple solution to making your home feel cozy. Just throw down a fluffy rug to complete the snug look. Best of all, you’ll have a soft texture beneath your feet when you jump out of bed in the morning, making winter feel that much warmer.


A crucial component to contributing to your home’s coziness is the perfect lighting. In the evenings, avoid turning on harsh overhead lighting and stick to table and floor lamps. String lights are perfect for adding a warm glow to the room, whereas candles can provide a wintry scent and the flickering light creates that warm fireplace feeling.


Though small pieces of decor won’t make you feel warmer, their colors and textures can make or break your look. Warm metallics like gold or brass will help reflect light and add a festive feel. Alternatively faux fur, velvets, and knitted throws will work together to really help prepare you for winter hibernation.

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Image Credits: RHBaby&Child, The Jungalow, Lust Living, Planete Deco, Nordic House

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