How to Style Your Nightstand

Your nightstand all too often gets buried under magazines, books, lotions and remnants of midnight snacks and coffee mugs. However, with the right furniture, storage and styling, it can be transformed into a beautiful and functional piece.

Read on to find out our top tips and super simple ways to create both a practical and stylish space.

floral bedroom feature wall with shay collection

Shay Rustic Oak and Painted Range

Starting off right

When choosing the right nightstand you need to think about function and the space you have available. Do you need shelves for storage or just somewhere to put your morning coffee? Do you have space for two? What height is your bed?

If you’d prefer to store your belongings away, a two drawer nightstand like our Cranbrook nightstand is the ideal solution. Or if you’d like the storage with the option to display some decor, why not choose our Original Rustic lamp table?

Once you have an idea of space and purpose you can then think about color and style.

As the nightstand is quite a small piece of furniture you can have a lot of fun with mix and match styles or pops of color. If you’re unsure or prefer things to look cohesive, choose something in a neutral finish; a natural oak or painted style will fit with a range of decor styles

Stylish essentials

Now that you know where to start, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. If you’ve got storage in your nightstand, you know how easy it is to just quickly throw your belongings in there to ‘tidy up’ your room, but it’s time to clear out what you’ve gathered and ask yourself, what do you actually need to store in your nightstand every day?

Sure, a bottle of water and a case for your glasses isn’t the most glamorous of home decor pieces, but a simple case of rearranging them can transform your nightstand top from boring to beautiful.

If you’re always quenching your thirst during the night, why not use a stylish reusable water bottle? Glass or marble, whichever one you choose is sure to add a little luxury to the table top. For the items that you can’t quite replace with a more trendy alternative, consider getting a dedicated tray for your phone, book or your glasses for small bit of chic.

french farmhouse lamp table

French Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak Lamp Table

Light it up

Another way to add style to both the sides of your bed is with lighting. From the temperature to the brightness, the intensity of the light has a huge impact on both our moods and sleep cycle. Lamps with warm-toned light bulbs and an adjustable brightness can help you to get a good night’s sleep, and with the right style, make a great addition to your nightstand too.

For a classic, luxurious style, try matching lamps on both sides of your bed. Or if you’re leaning towards a contemporary look, contrasting lamps creates a boho eclectic design instead. If you are mixing and matching, keep one element the same. Whether it’s color, height or decor style, a small bit of consistency will keep the cohesion.

Think about what you might need your lighting for, too, If you like to follow words and turn pages to drift yourself to sleep, a taller lamp for sitting up and reading will work for you. If you love to cozy up and wind down in a sleepy atmosphere, then lower lighting can help you doze off into dreams. Of course, don’t forget the power of flickering candles to help you feel sleepy.#

country cottage nightstand

Country Cottage Natural Oak and Painted Nightstand

Fill it with florals

You’re almost there! Now it’s time to add some height to the space. A classic trick that interior designers always use is to layer up different decor pieces for some added dimension to help bring a look together.

Try using greenery, florals and foliage. Fresh flowers are great for boosting your mood, doubling up as decor and create a welcoming atmosphere in your bedroom. If you’re a serial sneezer around nature or budgeting for weekly bouquets isn’t for you, there are convincingly real faux flowers out there for you to choose from. Just select a style you know you’ll love!

kemble 3 drawer nightstand

Kemble Rustic Solid Oak 3 Nightstand

Personal touches

And last, but certainly not least, finish styling your nightstand with something a little personal – something that means a lot to you. Personal touches like family photos or holiday memorabilia will stop your nightstand from looking more like a show home than your own home, bringing a little smile to the beginning and end of each of your days,

Whatever you’re decorating in your home, interior design is a personal process, so take the time to look around and explore different styles that suit your personality.

How are you going to style your nightstand? Let us know on Twitter or show us using #oakfurnitureland on Instagram!


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