5 Ways to Decorate with Black and White

Using strict color palettes to decorate your home with can seem limiting, but black and white interiors boast a look that has stood the test of time.  And when it’s done right, they can add simplicity and sophistication to your home.

Mixing black and white with natural materials, patterns, textures are all ways to avoid making monochrome look flat and boring. When incorporating these strong contrasting colors into the finishes of your home, you can create a chic and stunning space with minimal effort.

So with this in mind, here are 5 reasons why we think you should decorate your home with black and white decor.

A touch of drama

black and white bathroom

Understated shades like light gray and white can be brought to life with high energy tiled floors. Adding interest to a room using the floor makes the bathroom much more inviting and a lot more like a room.

Bringing a look to life

black and white bedroom with gold frame bed


Bedrooms are a space for relaxation and peacefulness, but that doesn’t mean they  need to be bland and boring. Creating a patterned wall adds excitement against everyday furniture, especially when contrasted with pops of color like the botanical prints, and the warmth of the metallic four-poster bed. If you’re a fan of statement looks, then this is one for you.

Amongst rustic pieces

rustic black and white kitchen

If instead, you prefer a much more subtle backdrop, using blocks of black and white are a great way to make your furniture and decor stand out. Black and white isn’t just for those who want a minimal or luxe look, it can work with almost any style. Let rustic woods, shabby chic textures and hints of metallic shine against more plain but darker materials.

Inspired by old Hollywood charm

black and white settee with cat ornaments

Over the top and glamorous, black and white stripes were a classic look often seen in old Hollywood, so if you’re inspired by the decor that’s just like in the movies, try incorporating this pattern into your home. With accents of gold metallics and glimmering crystals, you’ll feel like a total film star simply sat down in the seat.

Contrast with gray

black and white sitting room with grey settee

As one of the most popular neutral colors in interiors, gray is sophisticated and pairs well with almost any color you can think of. If your house is covered in this shade, but you still feel like you’re missing a little drama, why not contrast it with some black and white accents? Textures can totally transform a room – this faux fur throw draped across the chair adds a new lease of life to the room, and artwork that grabs attention brings the entire look together.

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