How to Create a Stylish Man Cave

Having somewhere that is decorated and styled in a way that is personal to you, allows a house to feel like a home. This can be easier said than done, particularly if you’ve got different personalities and styles that need to be represented. When you’re living with a partner it can be easy to take total control of the interior design style and chances are, there’ll be no reflection of their taste and style anywhere!

french farmhouse style living room

Oak Furniture Land French Farmhouse Collection

The best way compromise? Create his own getaway space in your home! An area where he can work, be creative or watch sports or the latest film release. Whether it’s the basement, or you’re going to convert the study into his ‘man cave’ or man space, make a space that’s HIS personal spot in the home; one with maximum comfort and stylish updates that show off his personality, a room that he’ll proudly call his own.

Comfort is Key

bevel coffee table with fabric corner sofa

Oak Furniture Land Bevel Coffee Table

Get the seating sorted and stat! If you want the space to be relaxing, you’re going to need the ultimate sofa to slouch in. For curling up and cradling in comfort, corner sofas are a complete treat for an indulgent movie night.

If you want to recreate that New York apartment vibe, why not get electric recliners for the Joey and Chandler feeling of comfort? Luxurious leather upholstery softens, lasts, and much like your man, only gets better with age!

Accessorize your chosen seating with the perfect plump pillows to achieve the full feeling of relaxation. Experiment with textures and colors, pair patterns with different sizes. Play around and customize together until you’ve got a look you’re both certain is perfect.

Tasteful Tech Storage

quercus tv cabinet

Oak Furniture Land Quercus TV Stand 

What’s a man cave without a giant screen to take up most of the space? Show it off on one of our stylish TV stands, with handy storage to easily and instantly tidy away DVDs, consoles, and games – he’ll never need to ask you to find anything for him again! With a port in the back shelving for neat routing of wires and cables like in our Quercus TV Stand, you won’t ever need to worry about the space being unsightly or messy.

alto side

Oak Furniture Land Alto Storage Unit

If your man is a music maniac or a film fanatic, keep his ever growing collection under control with a stylish storage cabinet to store his stuff away conveniently. Perhaps he’s proud of his collection of original vinyls from the 70s? Use a display cabinet to simultaneously show off and tidy away the things that he loves!

Double-Duty Convenience

french farmhouse coffee table

Oak Furniture Land French Farmhouse Coffee Table

If movie marathons or intense sport screening sessions are going to be a regular activity in this room, it’s essential to have an accessible and quick spot for drinks and snacks. A coffee table beside your chosen sofa fills the floor, adds some extra storage solutions and ultimately looks stylish. There’ll be no more hours of hunting for the remote or the extra batteries for the games controller with the handy drawer space.

The Finishing Touches

mantis light living room collection

Oak Furniture Land Mantis Light Collection

Lastly, let his personality really shine through the space. Make sure his interests are carried through with the final touches to the room. Use a bookcase to display his favorite classics, magazines or topics he could win awards for talking about.

quercus bookshelf

Oak Furniture Land Quercus Bookcase

If he’s a photography fan, display his DSLR, vintage cameras or old film. Favorite film posters add a talking point and can be customized with framing. All of these add personality and create a warm and welcoming place just for him.

And just like that, your man-cave is complete!

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