Fall Inspiration: How To Use Copper In Your Home

When we think of Fall, we tend to think of apples, pumpkin patches, crisp fall leaves and cooler nights. It’s the perfect time to say goodbye to summer and hello to cozy autumnal touches around the home. Earthy colors and darker florals are a firm favourite, but this year why not incorporate one of the biggest trends? It’s modern, it’s glamorous and it’s the perfect colour for Fall. It’s copper!

You might not think it, but copper is the color for Fall and can work in every room of the house. Want to know how? Why not follow our guide to using copper in your home.

Blue and white kitchen with copper accessories


Copper brings a traditional warmth to the kitchen, and you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to accessories. Copper cookware such as this from Falk USA has been super trendy for a while now, and it isn’t hard to see why. Not only is copper cookware beautiful, but it’s also functional, allowing you precise control over heat conductivity so that you can braise and brown your food to perfection.

But of course, cookware like this is far too pretty for the cupboards. Channel rustic chic in your kitchen by displaying your pans for the world to see – either on shelves or suspended from the ceiling over your kitchen island.

But if you’d rather not invest in a whole new range of cookware, copper can still have a place in your kitchen. The wonderful thing about the warm shine of copper is that you only need subtle touches of it to make a big difference – just look at how it transforms these stainless steel utensils! Or you could scatter a few smaller accessories around your kitchen, such as these measuring cups or salt and pepper set. With metallic surfaces aplenty in the kitchen copper thrives in this environment, casting its warm color all around.

DIY Copper trinket bowl from Decor8


Our bedrooms should be havens of comfort and rest, but too often they become places where we just kick off our shoes before collapsing onto the comforter! That’s where copper comes in. This clever little material works perfectly with a range of colour palettes from grey to blush hues so will work with a number of styles and pieces you may already have. A rule of three works best so make sure to add subtle touches around the room.

This small copper bowl from Target won’t break the bank, but it will be the perfect place to store all your rings and bracelets this Fall. If you’re looking for your next craft project, why not make your own with this DIY Guide from Decor8.

Copper framed mirrors, cushions, wall or side lamps are also a great way of introducing this metal in a delicate and understated way.

Minimalist dining table with copper ceiling light


Between holidays and homecomings we spend an awful lot of time at the dinner table in Fall, so what better place to show off your new found love of all things copper toned? We love this copper-dipped cutlery set (perfect for special occasions), but why stop there! For a truly show stopping dinner party, show off your contemporary credentials with this marble and copper serving tray. And – strictly for grown-ups only – we’re sure this copper bar tool set would make you the hit of the party after dinner!

Of course, it’s not all about special occasions. This copper and wood fruit bowl would look gorgeous in the centre of a dining table on a daily basis – especially piled high with seasonal fruits – or fill this copper glass vase with sunflowers and other Fall flowers for a glamorous centrepiece.

But to really bring that glamorous look into your dining room, there’s nothing better than pendant copper lights. These statement pieces will add instant warmth to your room, along with all that luxurious shine of copper. Pick up three lights and hang them spaced evenly above your dining table to keep the light shining well into the darker months.

If you’re looking for a new dining set, warm oak tables work perfectly with this trend. Why not browse our collection?

cozy living room with oversized copper floor lamp


In your living room, copper can really make a statement. You’re bound to be spending more and more time in there as the colder months draw in, so invest in pieces that will give you the contemporary glamorous feel you’re looking for this season.

One of the best ways to do this is with a standing floor lamp. Not only are lamps the perfect way to brighten up your home this Fall [link to previous article], but large statement pieces like this will instantly transform a room.

Combine this with smaller, more personal elements of copper – such as this picture frame, for example, or this photo clips banner – for a living room that’s cozy as well as contemporary.

White wet room with copper sinks and lights


Don’t neglect your bathrooms! Just as your bedroom deserves luxury, so does your bathroom. And often the bathrooms are when you can get really creative with this high-shine, super resilient materials. Clever copper is in fact biostatic, meaning it stops the growth of bacteria – making it the perfect bathroom material. Investing in copper taps, sinks and other hardware when designing your bathroom will give it a sophisticated touch; especially when combined with other high-gloss materials such as marble or chrome.

Alternatively, it might not be cheap, but using copper to tile your bathroom will give the room a luxurious look that will last and last. And there’s so many different textures to choose from – from the brushed look of these decorative glass tiles to the more traditional appearance of mosaic copper. Whatever you choose, introducing copper into your bathroom is the perfect way to get every inch of your house looking ready for Fall – and totally glamorous, too.


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Image Credits: Lauren Kelp, Better Homes & Gardens, decor8, Home Girl London, Design Stuff Group

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