Decorating Your Home for Fall

As enjoyable as the summer may be – carefree days spent at the beach or BBQs in our backyard – the fall brings with it its own perks. The blistering heat of the sun no longer bears down and so we joyfully pull out the sweaters and jeans and boots that have languished in the back of the wardrobe for months.

We take enjoyment out of re-engaging with our homes and our surroundings as well – finally being able to light a few candles as the sun sets a bit earlier in the day or lighting the log fire in our living rooms. There are plenty of things that make the fall one of our favourite seasons.


Decorating our homes for fall might include creating Jack o’Lanterns with the kids or creating makeshift paper turkeys or Pilgrim hats to put up in our windows to show off the celebrations of the season but are there ways to decorate your home that don’t necessarily have to follow these seasonal must-haves?

Decorating for fall can simply be about creating warmth, both physical and visual, in our homes. And these decorative touches can extend long after the holiday periods have ended, meaning you can enjoy them for months to come.

Here are some of our top tips for dressing your home for fall – and piles of mini pumpkins are entirely optional!

Capture the Colors of the Season

P058_Cranbrook_LIVING_ROOM_FULL_93 (1)

One of the easiest and most effective ways to decorate for fall is by taking cues from Mother Nature. At this time of year, the leaves begin to change to a heady mix of bold and deep color – from intense oranges and radiant reds to olive green, soft ochres and rich purple.

Choose accessories and textiles in these shades to give your home a cozy look for the new season and bring the outdoors in. Sherwin-Williams has just declared ‘Cavern Clay’ their Color of the Year for 2019, a warm terracotta shade which captures the season perfectly.


Embrace Natural Textures


We’re looking to nature again for our next tip as the leaves begin to fall and we see the landscape more clearly – from the silhouette of tree branches to the stones and earth beneath our feet as we take our crisp autumn walks.  You can embrace these naturally rustic textures by using woven materials in baskets and trays or stone flooring for a more natural look.

Other natural textures may include soft woolen throws or faux furs, ethical hides and naturally shed antlers or sisal and jute for your floor coverings. Even smooth river rocks, feathers shed from pheasants and others birds or dried branches can look fantastic when displayed on shelves or walls.


Dried Flowers and Branches


Speaking of which, moving away from the blossoms we once enjoyed from our gardens in the spring and summer, consider dried branches or flowers to decorate your tabletop this season. They last far longer than the fresh variety and will add some natural texture and interest.

Choose glass vessels, old tins or ceramic jugs for a rustic country look that lends well to a warm fall home look.

Looking for more ways to decorate your table this season? Check out our post here.

Consider a bit of Maximalism

P058_Cranbrook_DBS019_176 (1)

While we aren’t encouraging you to spend more this season for the sake of it, that stripped back, edited look we might encourage in summer can relax a little. Fall and winter are a time of nesting and having interesting objects around us can create warmth and intrigue in any space.

Carefully curate your collections to display or embrace a bit of eclecticism in your decor by grouping objects that contrast well with one another. You may wish to put up a gallery wall or have a hunt through yard sales or vintage shops for pieces of art to fill your walls.


Pile on the Textiles


And finally, don’t forget to add a touch of cozy to your surroundings. An extra pillow on the bed or an additional throw on the sofa will add texture and warmth to any space and it’s perfect for relaxing into the season. Now all that’s left to do is light the log fire, dim the lights and nestle into the coziness of the coolest months of the year.

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