Decorating With Duck Egg Blue

Duck egg decor seems to be making a bit of a stir in the world of home decor at the moment, and to us, it’s no wonder why! This cheerful shade is a timeless choice, but also feels light, airy, fresh, and calming at the same time. Perfect for our busy family homes!

Thankfully, bringing this color into our homes is easy, and incorporating it into your decor is a great way to give you home a fresh new look for the summer ahead. So how do you bring a little duck eggs blue into your home? We’ve pulled together our top tips, tricks, and inspiration below…

duck egg blue accessories with shutter display cabinet

Shutter Brushed Oak and Painted Display Cabinet

The easiest way to bring a little duck egg into your home is by mixing it with colors that are already similar – think cool shades, spring green, etc. By adding these into a neutral room, you can let the happy tones of duck egg shine!

color pop style living room

For a bit of contrast, duck egg makes a real statement when paired with rose pink or warm reds. A striking patterned red accent chair placed against a freshly painted wall, or a bit of artwork that pulls those colors together is a great way to bring duck egg into a room.

duck egg blue accessories with classic bedroom collection

Classic Natural Solid Oak Collection

Alternatively, duck egg is a great addition to a more coastal scheme, when you mix it with white, natural wood tones, and other shades of blue. The reflection of the natural light on glass elements and accessories help to bring brightness into the room, and loose and flowing floral arrangements add a finishing touch.

duck egg blue display cabinet interior

Warm metallics are a great accent to this cool shade, giving the traditional color a modern twist. We love the play of copper against duck egg and how this display cabinet features a statement shade inside to provide a playful feeling.

duck egg blue vintage wardrobe

Mixing your hardwood furniture with painted duck egg pieces is a great way to add a quirky vintage vibe. This room, with its bright walls and duck egg armoire would look great with addition of one of our rustic oak pieces to ground the space.

As you can see, there are many ways to incorporate cheerful duck egg into your home in a modern way. Don’t forget to share how you’ve decorated with duck egg in your home using #OakFurnitureLand on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook today

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