How To Decorate With Green

From hunter green to classic emerald, decorating with green is a wonderful way to give your home a fresh and welcoming feel. Green is a color truly celebrated by nature, so where better to take your inspiration from this summer? Read on to find out how to use different shades of gorgeous green in your home.

Bring nature indoors!

Shutter Living Room

Shutter Coffee Table & Shutter Bookcase

If you’re looking for a quick fix of green in your home, then houseplants will definitely be a winner for you. Not only do they provide health benefits but they also help lower background noise in the home – perfect if you live in that busy city life! They might require a little more effort and care on your behalf, but there is nothing more inviting than the burst of life that houseplants bring to a room.

To subtly slip in some fresh greenery, we’d recommend placing a large leafy number by a sunny window, dotting a few potted plants on bookshelves, or placing some fresh cuttings in a vase on your coffee table.

Mantis Display Unit surrounded by plants
Mantis Light Display Unit

Better yet, try complementing your plant life with green-print artwork, lamp shades, geometric cushions or throw. Don’t overdo it though! Remember that bright colors and patterns often work best with neutral walls.

Decorating your bedroom with green

Edinburgh Bedroom

Edinburgh Bed, Edinburgh Armoire, Edinburgh Drawers & Edinburgh Nightstand

We love how this bedroom has come to life with a few elegant touches of emerald, lime and turquoise. It’s amazing the difference a textured rug can make with simple accessories to complement it.

If you’re scared of taking the first steps to creating a green/blue palette, try starting with a large statement piece such as this rug (or your favorite painting!) and slowly bring ornaments in to match.

Canterbury Bedroom Range

Canterbury Bed & Canterbury Armoire

Combining light green and blue hues are ideal for creating a cool and calming environment – perfect for when you want to sink into your sheets and relax. Like coral in the ocean, these colors also work wonderfully with accents of deep rust and burnt orange.

Matching with Green

Solid Oak Dining Table

Solid Oak Dining Table & Solid Oak Bench

If you love a vibrant and vivid look, why not try incorporating this year’s Pantone color of the year, Ultra Violet. Contrasting pairings like green with purple is a bold and fearless idea that can help make a room more statement. You don’t have to go straight in with the wallpaper though! A purple couch married with green accessories can really revitalize a white-walled room.

Combining a cool green with a warm purple also works well with lighter shades, especially if the room receives a lot of light. We’d recommend mint green with lilac, or jade green with a deep blue.

Bevel Bedroom Range

Bevel Nightstand & Bevel Bed

Using Green as a Neutral

Cranbrook Range

Cranbrook TV Stand, Cranbrook Coffee Table, Cranbrook End Table, Cranbrook Display Cabinet & Cranbrook Console Table

As a bridge between lively warm colors (orange, yellow) and cool colors (blue, white) green is symbolic of stability and nature. It therefore works well in rooms you spend the most time, such as the living room or kitchen.

By combining soft green with rustic wood accents you are subtly bringing a woodland-like environment into your home – a great trick for achieving a calm and welcoming space.

The Art of Greenery

Canterbury Living Room Range

Canterbury Coffee Table, Canterbury TV Stand, Canterbury Nesting Tables

If you want to work around what you’ve already got, take inspiration from the stunning art you’ve got hanging in your home. This living room uses the green color palette from the artwork above the TV and the bright orange is picked up in the accent accessories around the room. You could also try incorporating other complementary hues such as teal or gray to help balance the room.

Shutter Large Sideboard

Shutter Large Sideboard

Working green and blue around a central white piece is a simple yet refreshing way to bring life into a space. Incorporate pale grains, antique blue and green glass and plenty of foliage to create a perfectly styled corner in your home.

How have you embraced your green goddess in the home this year? We’d love to hear from you! Tag us on Instagram or tweet us at @USAOakFurniture!

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