How to Create the Perfect Vanity Table

While the vanity is one of the more traditional home pieces, it can also be one of the most versatile additions to the modern home. Whether you’re looking for a streamlined make-up station to practice the latest looks from YouTube, or a sleek multifunctional desk for the bedroom or other space, try these tips and tricks to bring a personalized style to the makeup desk!

Try a color theme

Bella Vanity Table

Bella Vanity & Bella Vanity Stool

To help your vanity look chic and uncluttered, a cohesive color scheme can really elevate your overall decor. Take inspiration from your favorite perfume bottles or makeup palettes, and incorporate them into your desk accessories. Trays can help to keep smaller eyeshadow pots and lipsticks under control, while a pencil holder in a statement shade. Add a pop of color with a throw to decorate your vanity stool, and even some storage baskets underneath or next to the vanity to complete the look!

Make some space

Mantis Light Dressing Table

French Farmhouse Vanity Stool

In order to create the best place to get ready each morning, a good vanity needs space. By keeping the center of your vanity clear, you can make sure you always have space to do your morning make-up. A heat-resistant pad can protect the surface of your vanity from any damage from straighteners and styling tools. And why not keep some space for a coaster for that glass of rose while you’re getting ready for a night out? Our vanities are all designed with deep storage drawers, so there’s plenty of room to keep your essentials hidden out of sight. And since they’re all constructed with dovetail joints, they won’t bow of break, no matter how many lipsticks you hide inside them…

Mirror inspiration

The finishing touch to any vanity is, of course, the mirror. And there are lots of ways you can style it! If you love the old Hollywood glamor, then a lit-mirror, like this one from @my_home_at_no3 on Instagram, can add that bit of wow factor.

St. Ives Vanity Table

St Ives Vanity & St Ives Vanity Stool

Traditional hinged mirrors help you always find your perfect angle, and since we have styles that match all of our vanity designs, they can fit seamlessly into your room decor. Trying to keep as much free space on your vanity as possible? Why not try placing a wall mirror above your make-up desk?

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