How to Create the Modern Farmhouse Style

Some trends come and go; some are in it for the long haul. If there’s any interior design style that stays true to this, it’s the modern farmhouse look.

The beauty of the modern farmhouse look lies in its simplicity. Where other trends can focus on rigid styles and lavish accessories, modern farmhouse gives the perfect balance of old and new, modern and traditional. Created from a combination of three different aesthetics – rustic, modern and industrial – modern farmhouse can work in any home.

If you’re yearning for effortless elegance and laid-back luxury, modern farmhouse decor might just be everything you’ve been looking for. Read on to discover how you can create the perfect farmhouse style in your home.

Let natural wood shine

original rustic sideboard in modern farmhouse home

Original Rustic Solid Oak Small Sideboard

If you only do one thing on your modern farmhouse transformation, let it be this: allow natural wood to take center stage!

The beauty of natural wood is synonymous with modern farmhouse interiors, so it’s time to let it shine. Give period features such as beams and wooden flooring a little TLC (if you have them). Don’t feel you always have to cover these up to create something worthy of being in an interior design magazine – modern farmhouse is all about the rustic, so these features will be right at home.

For those of us with more modern homes, fear not! Natural wooden furniture and accessories are a fantastic way to bring that rustic, earthy feel into your look.

Neutral color palettes are key

neutral color scheme in country cottage dining room

Country Cottage Natural Oak and Painted Collection

Want to know one of the best ways to make sure your home exudes warmth and calm? A neutral color palette!

Neutrals can sometimes be seen as cold or unexciting, but the truth is far from it. If you choose the right shades, neutral colors can bring a lot of warmth, and they perfectly complement the graceful modern farmhouse trend.

Pick out a few different colors and stick to them, and vary the shades for depth and interest. The essence of modern farmhouse is understated and subtle so keep the colors on large wall space minimal, with pops of pattern here and there.

Have fun accessorizing!

french farmhouse sideboard

French Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak Small Sideboard

As with any new interior design project, it’s all about accessorizing! The relationship between rustic, modern and industrial influences that make the modern farmhouse style so iconic gives you a lot of room to experiment and add that personal touch.

Want to offset the homely, old-world vibes of your rustic wooden furniture? Monochrome features speak for modern styling, while metal accessories such as wall lamps will give a nod to trendy industrial designs.

No modern farmhouse would be complete without bringing the outside in! Pot plants and flowers keep your home feeling wild and natural, and are the perfect accessory to brighten up any room.

Use different textures  

modern french farmhouse living room style

French Farmhouse Rustic Solid Oak Collection

The ideal modern farmhouse is well-loved and well-lived in, so don’t shy away from adding textures.

Lots of cushions and throws draped over living room furniture will instantly make your guests feel right at home, while thick rustic rugs are just calling for bare feet to snuggle into. The importance of texture is spoken about often in interior design circles; but as well as looking good, it makes you feel good too.

Have you been inspired to take the plunge and create your own modern farmhouse style? We’d love to see what you’ve come up with. Use the #oakfurnitureland to show us your looks on Instagram, or send your photos on Facebook!

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