How To: Create The Perfect Bedroom Atmosphere

It’s always tricky to create the ideal atmosphere for your bedroom. It’s the one room in the house where you feel complete and utter relaxation, and it must be perfect. What feels like a stuffy, closed space to one person might feel different to another and, when you throw in personal taste too, it might be difficult to find some common ground.

white bedroom with different textured rugs

Let’s forget about personal preferences for a second. Atmosphere and style are not the same thing. It isn’t just about “romantic” fabrics and dressing up your bedroom in fluffy throws or cotton cushions to create an atmosphere, in fact these might not even help. Industrial, Scandinavian or even minimalist style bedrooms have the possibility to achieve something greater.

An atmosphere is about a feeling. Sure, style can be a part of it, but it’s all in the small details. Colors, textures, patterns, it doesn’t matter whether how trendy your bedroom furniture is ; a few tricks can make any bedroom feel atmospheric.

First thing’s first. Let’s look at the colors. Muted palettes or pastels, these tones will create something calming, that doesn’t blind the eyes when you lay in the four walls for too long. A kitchen in jazzy pinks or clashing colors might be fun, it is better to play it down in the bedroom. Whites, beiges, greys, even a soft blush, will be easy on the eyes and create beauty in the bedroom.

They do say cleanliness is next to godliness, so your bedroom should be kept as tidy as possible. We’re not saying you should live with the bare minimum, but there’s nothing worse than overflowing laundry basket, a hidden chair buried underneath worn clothes and shelves full of dusty trinkets. It’s about knowing what can be decorative without killing the serenity.

white bed with fairy lights

Next up is lighting. Part of creating a beautiful atmosphere is looking for opportunities to display light. Fairy lights are great for soft and dim light, perfect for putting your body in full relaxation mode before sleep. But they might no work in everyone’s homes. If that’s the case, directional lights, bedside, wall or floor lamps may work. Just avoid flicking that switch for the large ceiling light – it’s a sure fire way to ruin any atmosphere!

wall lamp beside bed

Less is more when it comes to nature. Avoid a big bouquet of flowers or a bedroom tree. Instead, lift the bedroom with a few flowers or a few succulents here and there to give it more life.

It’s texture time. Because we want to keep it pretty simple, using different textures adds points of interest in other ways. The feel of rough linen, soft wool, fluffy sheepskin placed against wooden floor boards will all contribute to that atmosphere and still keep it calm. As long as you stick with the same neutral color palette, nothing can go wrong!

natural textures and muted tones for bedsheets

To soften up the look of the bedroom and seamlessly bring all the elements together, consider your curtains. If done correctly, they can help contribute to a lovely atmosphere. While “you get what you pay for” is, to an extent, true, when it comes to interior design, sometimes the savvier the better. Instead of investing in expensive fabric, you can buy multitudes of cheaper cotton fabric to attain that sumptuous look. Curtains should extend to the floor (yep, no shorter than your radiator or similar!) and when shut, should have the pleats showing. Again, stick with the soft colored theme when picking them out to maintain the coherent, calm and relaxing look. Once they’re shut, you can welcome in your atmosphere!

textured blinds and curtains in neutral room

We hope we’ve inspired you to turn your bedroom around for a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

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